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Take one look at the highest grossing, most talked about entertainment in recent years, and see that superheroes are a force to be reckoned with I in more ways than one. But before Marvel and DC had confirmed that comic book superheroes were the key to anew era of blockbuster franchise development, Rocksteady Games had already pulled off a miracle of their own, going by the name of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The UK studio stunned the games industry with their first title, followed soon after by one even more influential in open world game design. Is it even possible that the studio could meet the expectations placed on Batman: Arkham Knight? In short: absolutely.

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CyrusLemont1587d ago

It's exciting and upsetting that this is Rocksteady's last Batman game. They've done so much for this IP and demonstrated that superhero games can be spectacular when done right. WB Montreal will probably do a decent job taking over but I can't help feeling that we'll just be getting recycled elements from here on.

We've only had one developer out of the countless studios out there truly nail a superhero game (Excluding Lego games). It worries me that Rocksteady is leaving to pursue other (And likely super awesome) creations, unless of course it's another superhero game.

I hope with the power of next gen, we can finally see the bigger superheroes get the right treatment.

Naughty Dog's Superman


Give_me_head_strong1587d ago

Sure, the Arkham games have been rather pretty Batman games, but the world feels so empty and repetitive with nothing but the same group of thugs you fight over and over. Not to mention it is literally always night time the whole game. It's time for a great developer to step up and make a real open-world Batman game that does the old comics/TV show justice for once..