Rise of the Tomb Raider: 10 Killer Features It Must Have

iHowtoDo: Everybody fears a reboot; however this dread was lost when it went to 2013′s Tomb Raider. Rather it was a resonating come back to structure for the establishment, accepting normal scores of somewhere around 85 and 88% over all stages at both Metacritic and Gamerankings, with more than six million duplicates sold.

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prince53091d ago

Yes all the feature we must have in Rise of the tomb rider

corvusmd3091d ago

I actually really liked the last Tomb Raider, and eventhough a lot of people disagree with me, I even liked it more than TLoU (I played both around the same time). TR had much better gameplay, but TLoU had a better story. However, both wasted their time on MP IMO. I would agree with everything they listed in this article, but I don't care about the MP aspect for this game...maybe they could do something great...but I'd prefer more SP with much more varied tombs and such. I liked that the last one focused less on combat and more on puzzles, but I would like them to do it a little more.

fluxmulder3091d ago

Agreed. From a gameplay standpoint, TR was my personal GOTY for 2013. The combat needs to be improved for the new game, but everything else was solid.

robtion3091d ago

I loved tomb raider and agree it is an amazing game, but I can't agree that the gameplay is better than the last of us. It had better traversal of course but the last of us gave many more chances for variety in approach, setting traps/ambushes, melee, stealth, crafting, scavenging etc Also distinctly different enemies which you approach differently, humans, runners, clickers.

Don't get me wrong, TR is awesome and I 100%'d it on ps3, and almost again on ps4, but making comparisons to one of the greatest games ever made is not a good idea, though you are entitled to your opinion ;)

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante3091d ago

I remember the days when Tomb Raider was more than just the name of the game.

Dustinf113091d ago

Yes, the new "diversion" needs these. But; I quite liked the old diversion too...

hazelamy3091d ago

how about some, and call me crazy here, TOMB RAIDING.

seriously, go back to the exploration and puzzle solving that was the cornerstone of the franchise.

less waves of bad guys with guns and more environmental hazards to overcome.
ancient traps rather than another hundred bad guys, how were there even that many men on Yamatai anyway?
where did all the food and ammo they'd require come from?
how did that many survive crashing on the island.

i want to go to places nobody has set foot in for thousands of years, not somewhere that already seems to have it's own standing army.

and no more bloody slides. >_<