Nintendo Dominates E3, Top 5 E3 Showings, Nintendo's New IPs - Week in Review 6/14/14

Welcome to the latest edition of Nintendo Enthusiast - Week in Review. Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast takes a look at the impressive E3 that Nintendo put together this past week and takes a look at the highlights of the event. He breaks down his Top 5 E3 showings, does a little dancing, and even has time for the Retro Game of the Week in this action packed episode.

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Broomfondle1639d ago

Nice shirt. Love your show. I agree with your top two choices by the way. devils Third and Bayonetta 2 look awesome.

NewMonday1639d ago

" uot;

explains a lot

but reality is something else, Nintendo had the worst show out of the platform holders based on actual numbers:

time spent on games:
Sony: about 1 hour
MS: about 1 hour
Nintendo: just 30 minutes

number of exclusives:
Sony: 20+
MS: 12
Nintendo: 10 games

and WiiU is getting non of the biggest 3rd party games in the industry that is a huge blow.

barb_wire1639d ago

It should also be noted that Nintendo, just like Microsoft and Sony.. their big games won't be out until 2015 at the very earliest.

NewMonday1639d ago

Sony have DriveClub and LBP3 this year
MS have FH2 and SO
Nintendo have Hyrule warriors

voodoochild3461639d ago

...and Bayonetta and Smash. Damn you're such a troll.

lilbroRx1639d ago

False. Bayonetta 2 and Smash are out this year.

animegamingnerd1639d ago

@NewMonday Captain Toad, Bayonetta 2, and Smash is coming out this year did you like pay attention to any of the conferences Nintendo has the most exclusives set for this year and next year as far as we know

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randomass1711639d ago

NewMonday, is there any E3 post where you haven't tried forcing your opinion down the throats of others who actually liked Nintendo's conference? XD

NewMonday1639d ago

these are numbers, so they are fact not opinion, because their has been FUD spread about claiming this or that I try to keep it real.

Vegamyster1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


Who cares about numbers? The PC when it comes to exclusives has a massive list but most of those games don't look particularly good.

How many of those games from Sony & MS were playable at E3 or just CGI trailers? How much gameplay of those games were shown in comparison to Nintendo who streamed all their games live for all of E3?

NewMonday1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Zelda was in engine but no real-time game-play, so it must have disappointed you right?

Vegamyster1639d ago


Xenoblades Chronicles X, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Kirby, Yoshi, Smash Bros Wii-U & 3DS, Splatoon, Mario Maker, STEAM and others were shown for extensive periods of time.

You completely missed the point.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

The number for Nintendo is 16, not 10.
A lot of Sony's "exclusives" will also be hitting PC.
Also, they've got Smash and Bayonetta coming THIS YEAR, not next, alongside a few others.

Quit trying to spin shit that you don't even fucking understand; you've been exposed in at least one other thread before this for posting lies.

NewMonday1639d ago

still no solid date for Smash

Metallox1639d ago

I don't even know what's the criteria to define the E3 winner. Some people are saying, "oh, Nintendo had a funny show", but others are saying, "but Sony had more games", "but Microsoft had this", "but Nintendo had that", "but Sony did this".

Everybody, please, stop this nonsense.

randomass1711639d ago

Your point about Zelda is a really bad one. Being in-engine means we have a pretty good idea of what the game looks like in motion, a heck of a lot more so than a CGI trailer would show. And Nintendo will more than likely improve upon it visually from there. So no, knowing that that's how the game runs in motion left me very satisfied, not disappointed.

slivery1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

You're annoying. All of this is subjective to a person's tastes and opinion.

Whether Nintendo showed less games, they sure as hell spent way more time at E3 showing off their games compared to Sony or Microsoft.

I didn't see them with a live event that literally spanned for days showing off almost every game they announced at E3 in great detail with the developers to talk about them as well.

I'll even go as far as saying I had really low expectations for Nintendo's E3 and I bet many others did as well, since they skipped last year but I loved every moment of it and especially Treehouse Live, it's just fun.

I am not saying Sony or Microsoft's was bad but just because Nintendo's showing was shorter it didn't make their presence any less worthy than the others at E3.

I also don't see the point in the Wii U needing a ton of third party support, not saying it doesn't need any but I own both a Wii U and PS4, so in all honesty even if the Wii U did get all these third party games that the PS4 or Xbox One are getting, I would still rather play them on my PS4 obviously.

I am just not one of those people just to buy a game on a system to prove a point, if its on multiple systems and it happens to be better on one system, I am going to play it on that system that the game is better on.

Just says common sense to me. I never understood people who buy inferior versions of a game just to prove a point about their console, when in reality it just proves you're kinda dumb. Unless it's the only console you have, I can understand that but if you have one that a game will perform better on, then why not play it on that.

lilbroRx1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Why are you rushing every article that is positive about Nintendo to spit these lies. Nintendo revealed a lot more than 10 games and had far more than 30 minutes of showing.

Nintendo e3 includes the treehouse which had hours of game info/footage.

weekev151639d ago

Can you list the 10 games? You say Nintendos show included only 10 games. Splatoon, captain toad, yoshi, zelda u, hyrule warriors, devils third, mario party 10, starfox, xenoblade, bayonettas, mario maker, pokemon, S.T.E.A.M and im pretty sure ive missed some. This makes at least 13 and thats before you list indies and third parties such as watchdogs, sonic boom, skylanders, disney infinity and just dancing.

Sorry did I just ruin the same argument youve rolled out on several threads with facts? Back under your bridge please.

modesign1639d ago

i think nintendo wanted us to buy their toys and figurines more than their games and console.

deafdani1638d ago

Try and dissect it as much as you want, the fact remains that the majority of people actually liked Nintendo's showing at this E3 the most out of all the big companies.

Which means that, yes, Nintendo had the strongest showing this year in the eyes of the consumers.

randomass1711638d ago

I wonder if this guy is paid to go to all of these articles just to try and convince everyone how "badly" Nintendo did.

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RAWSTA1639d ago

?????????????????????????????? ???????????? Did you fall asleep while watching the Sony conference?

Killzoner991639d ago

Just ignore it. This is a complete Nintendo fanboy website so you know it's going to have delusional and skewed views. Sony swept E3 as usual and reminded us all why the PS4 is dominating. It's already been established by the majority of gaming journalist and consumers that Sony won it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

You weren't around before E3, were you?
This site is predominantly Sony fanboys; it's why Nintendo got so much bashing before E3, and why there are so many attacks against them now that they've gotten best-in-show.

Vegamyster1639d ago

This website has far more Sony & Xbox fanboys then Nintendo one's lol.

randomass1711639d ago

@Killzoner99 I agree that Sony had the best show because of just how much stuff they showed, but people are delusional for feeling Nintendo had the best show? No. You're being a hateful fanboy. Not everyone will agree with you or me. You need to get over that.

slivery1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Lol I must say this is literally the first time in all my days on being on N4G, hearing anyone ever say this is Nintendo fanboy site.

You want to see delusional Nintendo fans, go to MyNintendoNews and look for a guy named Nintendo Commander.

You'll learn what real stupid fans are like.

What is moronic is you are calling people delusional for having a preference and an opinion of their own?

Sony showed more games, we get it but what if by some chance some people just didn't have an interest in a lot of those games? Are they delusional hateful fanboys for having an opinion.

To be honest, you are coming off as a pretty hateful Sony fan. I love my PS4 just as much as any other die hard PS4 fan but damn why even come here when this is clearly an opinion piece.

Just like you saying Sony had the best showing, is purely your opinion and yes many others may agree with you but then again many others won't.

So learn to accept that and move on please.

animegamingnerd1639d ago

was this the first comment you have read on this site cause there are far far more Sony fans on this Site then PC, Microsoft, and Nintendo fans hell like 80% of the time the top story is usual a Sony related story

jcnba281639d ago

"This is a complete Nintendo fanboy website"

Are you for real?

deafdani1638d ago

Actually, no. Not sure about journalists, but for the majority of the consumer's eyes, it was Nintendo who stole the show this year. It's deliciously ironic how you dismiss this only because it came from a Nintendo-centric website, yet don't realise how much of a Sony fanboy you're being, yourself.

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lilbroRx1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

While it was certainly boring enough at points to fall asleep, no. It just didn't show anything I was interested in.

Nothing unique or new really. More of the same games with the same gameplay.

Devil's Third, Xenoblade Chonricles X, Bayonetta 1|2, Captain Toad and Splatoon on the other hand... that is the type of creativity, variety and originality I like to see.

bloodbond1639d ago

The more articles and comments I read in this site the more I realize people dont buy consoles to have fun nowdays, they buy them to brag... sad world

wonderfulmonkeyman1639d ago

It happens every single time Nintendo gets any positive press around here.
I guess it's something people are just used to dealing with.

NewMonday1639d ago

not having 3rd party support is not "positive press"

slivery1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

That is life in general if you haven't noticed. Most people just buy things to brag period, very rarely to people actually think with practical means anymore.

Expensive smart phones are a great example, tons of people have them but barely any of them actually use them for much other than useless nonsense. People mainly buy them to fit into a group and brag amongst that group, again psychology 101, people like to feel accepted and sometimes they will do whatever it takes to be accepted by people regardless of what it takes or how logical it may be.

I'd suggest taking N4G is small doses because it never stops here.

Better yet, avoid the comments altogether because if you read enough of them, like me for instance, you'll be bound to say something...

Hell I feel a bit more stupid every time I even try to talk sense into some of these people, sadly because I know I am wasting my own time but as you said it would be nice if more thought the same and could just enjoy gaming instead of hating on everyone just because they don't like the same things they do.

BTBuck11639d ago

12 games dominates e3?... we are in for a lousy rest of the year of gaming then if that "wins"

randomass1711639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Those twelve games were mostly, if not completely exclusive to Wii U, they weren't CGI trailers and a chunk of them come out this year. It may not be damnation, but it's no slouch of a showing either.

edit: You know for someone who keeps posting the same NeoGAF data over and over to prove your point, you sure do enjoy getting your info wrong. 62% of Nintendo's E3 shown games come out this year. Check the NeoGAF post for yourself. That's a lot more than one or two. Furthermore, you're splitting hairs on the Zelda trailer. In-engine means that's how it will look in actual gameplay if not better when it is released.

NewMonday1639d ago

Only 1 or 2 games of those coming to the WiiU this year

And Zelda was not real-time game-play, only in-engine

animegamingnerd1639d ago

@NewMonday 4 Wii U games this year that are first party games and since your discrediting Zelda i will discredit uncharated by saying we only saw a cutscene and Aumora said this about Zelda

lilbroRx1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Nintendo announced way more than 12 games at e3.

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