Dizzy and the Rainbow Jewels for PC Released

Carl Williams writes, "The Dizzy games are recognized as one of the most successful European game series on computers and was published by Codemasters. The Dizzy games are mostly action/puzzle/platformers that feature a lot of logic puzzles to scratch your head at. The first Dizzy game, The Ultimate Collection hit in June of 1987 (about 27 years ago). Dizzy and the Rainbow Jewels is a freeware homage title by Steve “Granddad” Rennie."

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choujij1639d ago

Codemasters. Absolutely brilliant!

GamingSinceThe80s1639d ago

I remember Dizzy games for being exclusive to the home shopping Code masters has come a long way from being an unlicensed NES developer.

MRMagoo1231639d ago

OMG I used to have all of the dizzy games on my amstrad when I lived in the UK as a kid, I even loved every one of them. noting beats the good old days where games where on cassette tapes.