ADG Plays Destiny Alpha For The First Time

ADG plays the Destiny Alpha Beta on the PS4 and gives impressions and talk on gaming.

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moomoo3192221d ago

I think this game is going to be incredible. It has the addictive loot of borderlands, super clean shooting, beautiful graphics, and awesome planets and exploration.
Yesterday i did a strike with two random guys it took us almost an hour to beat it and we silently worked together like an actual team. It was Intense!

GasTankKiller2221d ago

It plays like retail not like an Alpha or Beta. Here's to hoping for a strong day one release with the Bungie servers.

ramiuk12220d ago

yeah defo plays like finished game doesnt it.
im still a little confused over the levels etc butr i dont want to get to involved in it so im just doing little missions so i dont spoil my preorder

SolidDuck2221d ago

Ya the game is awesome. Even tho bungie has stayed away from calling it an mmo, after putting a few hours into it an mmo is exactly what it is. Plays a bit like halo and borderlands. But is set up a lot like an mmo and is polished for an alpha. Even tho I said it plays a bit like halo meets borderlands it also feels like it's own thing. If this really is just a tiny piece of what the full release will be this is going to be an amazing game.

Drithe2221d ago

I actually enjoy the pve more than I do the pvp. Don't beat me up!!

End of line.

Shadonic2221d ago

No need to apologize, its built to be played sort of how you want to.