Dead Island 2 is the First Video Game Ever to Mo-Cap Cats

Hardcore Gamer: Onimusha did it with horses, Call of Duty: Ghosts did it with dogs and now Dead Island 2 will give the same treatment to felines.

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ValKilmer1587d ago

Boy, I don't envy the man who had to stuff a cat into a mo-cap suit.

SpiralTear1587d ago

The man? How do you think the cat feels? Bet he's thinkin' "the second I get this suit off, everyone will suffer."

Nitrowolf21587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Next gen has arrived. For decades now i have been annoyed by cats in video games for their poor performances. No more.

This is all.thanks to the mighty new consoles.

I can now poop better knowing that somewhere out there, there is a cat stuffed in a motion suit.

hay1587d ago

He definitely wouldn't succeed with my cat... Waiting for Call of Duty fish mo-cap.

No_Limit1587d ago

[email protected] Val, speaking of cat,

Don't you wish this was you instead of the 'other guy'.

Thatguy-3101587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

lol if you think that's a hassle imagine what Naughty Dog had to go through when they stuffed the fly into one for The Uncharted trailer lol /s

On topic though is it really necessary for them to do that ?

ninjahunter1587d ago


Wni01587d ago

R U Mine? Referencing the Dreamcast game that was fuc*ing 15 years abead of its time?

Dasteru1587d ago

"He’s joined by his very grumpy cat, Rick Furry"

They originally intended for it to be a friendly cat but it wouldn't cooperate once in the mo-cap suit.

hay1587d ago

They managed to get so many attack animations there are rumours of a fighting game with cats only.

BVFTW1587d ago

Yeah great but...can the "in game" cats shit? (Kojima's pioneered next gen feature XD)

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The story is too old to be commented.