Nintendo Director Shigeru Miyamoto on Wii U's Future, Luigi’s Death Stare, Splatoon and more

"Nintendo isn’t done with the Wii U, yet. That’s the message we heard repeated from Shigeru Miyamoto, the company’s senior director and creator of many beloved franchises like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and Pikmin.

Although the company has seen struggling sales from the Wii U, it spent E3 pushing harder than ever on the console with first-party content, with both new takes on favorite franchises and a couple of new ideas.

Mashable sat down with Miyamoto, who now oversees several projects at the company as well as advising teams of younger developers. He shared his insights on the Wii U, the 3DS, and his current thoughts on the games climate."

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marloc_x2216d ago

Good read. Really enjoy Nintendo's approach of having the game makers themselves discuss the love they have for their craft..great stuff!