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Rely on Horror: Techland went to this year's E3 with not one zombie game, but two. The zombie genre may be tiring some of you guys out by now, but the creators of Dead Island seem poised to release two more games featuring the undead, with Dying Light and Hellraid.

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Lon3wolf1639d ago

Both of these are on my radar, so many decent games coming in the next 12-18 months across all platforms, might need another loan lol.

stavrami-mk21639d ago

Yea lots of games of all genre types.I've been looking forward to this although never really liked dead island much the movement felt slightly odd to me.

Ashunderfire861639d ago

Same here man Dying Light is one of my February games to get. I got that lock down already. My Gamertag is legionaire2008 if anybody has Destiny Alpha build lets game on guys!

JsonHenry1639d ago

I loved both Dead Island games. Can't wait for these two. Wish they were not pushed back to next year though. :/

DFogz1639d ago

Dying Light looks interesting, and definitely improved over their Dead Island games. I'll probably pick it up when it gets a little cheaper, it looks fun.

Hellraid on the other hand looks exactly like Dead Island, just with a medieval skin.
The first two Dead Island games just weren't good enough to want to play through, basically, the same game again. I'll pass.

Meltic1639d ago

out with a fking demo pls

Father__Merrin1639d ago

I thought this was a sequel to dead island?

Ashunderfire861639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Dead Island 2 is coming out spring 2015 after Dying Light from Developer Yager using Unreal 4 engine! I will get both games! I love Dead Island, its nice and long(30 hours long)with so much side quest. It worth 60 dollars even with multiplayer. Dying Light will be 10 times longer(40 hours) with 4 player coop parkour, player controlling a fast zombie, and other modes. It even going to have randomly generated side quests! All 4 players can split up, and do any mission all at the same time! One player for example can bang on the door to get the zombies attention, while the other player runs to point A or B.

Not many games are worth your 60 bucks, but for a game with all this content and replayability, your getting a mouthful greater than a happy meal. I don't care about the hate that surrounds this game, because I know Techland is going to improve on this in so many ways. I saw the first gameplay footage of this at E3 2013 behind close doors, and this new footage looks even better.

Skate-AK1638d ago

Small mistake. Dying Light is Techland and using the Chrome Engine 6. Dead Island 2 is Yager and using Unreal 4.

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