H1Z1 aims to redefine Early Access alpha quality and meet player expectations

Rely on Horror: H1Z1 is the next openworld survival game to hit Steam Early Access. Amidst established competitors like Rust and DayZ, Sony Online Entertainment is hoping to stand out by launching their game at a point that they feel will put it above the rest. Speaking to H1Z1 designer Adam Clegg, we learned a little bit about SOE's release plans, and how they aim to redefine the definition of alpha and beta builds on Steam.

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THC CELL1639d ago

Can't wait for this game

Abash1639d ago

I'll be very happy to try it when it's ready to launch on PS4. I have a feeling though it's going to be a blast

GundalfDeGrej1639d ago

Can't they just sell the game when it's done instead? I know, I know "If you don't like it, don't buy it". I'm just worried that more big studios that can already afford the development cost will go the early access route instead of actually releasing finished games. You just know EA is thinking about it right now.

Lon3wolf1639d ago

Always a concern with paying for early access but Big AAA companies will already have the funding for the games so I am sure they would complete regardless of how well/badly early access sold.

MysticStrummer1639d ago

I think online focused games like this would greatly benefit from early access, though they might as well call it what it is… a beta… but then people might be less likely to pay for it. lol

Looking at BF4 it seems EA is already doing it without calling it early access.

SuperBlur1637d ago

a case could probably be made against EA for releasing something full price that isn't complete but early access games that are going f2p , i could understand if it were a small indie team who needed the money to fund the game but a big studio like SOE .. it's just a rip off , people are PAYING them to become testers .. thats just crazy silly

dont get me started on the rrod fiasco and people rebuying the god dam console countless times . that is just pure idiocy

MysticStrummer1637d ago

"people are PAYING them to become testers .. thats just crazy silly"

Nah it's called disposable income. Many people happily do things with their money that others would shake their heads at. One of the big selling points of PS+ to me is early beta access, which isn't a whole lot different from this.

SuperBlur1639d ago

what i dont get is why people buy into these early access for a game that is going to be F2P

MysticStrummer1639d ago

Disposable income is a funny thing. I know multiple people who bought multiple 360s due to RRoD rather than waiting for a replacement to be shipped to them.

Lots of people do lots of things with their money that I wouldn't do. Others look at me and think the same thing, I'm sure.

pompombrum1639d ago

This is one of my major concerns with the gaming industry, a fantastic idea designed primarily for smaller studios being utilized by larger ones who in all fairness probably don't even need it. I don't mind games like this getting it but as mentioned, just wait until the devil (EA) start's abusing it for all their games.

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Lou Ferrigno1639d ago

hmm , i've never been interested in an early access game until now..Might have to give this a go, hope that the cost of the early access will give me a discount on the final release?..

Seafort1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Early Access games are a set price sometimes cheaper than launch but with H1Z1 it's higher as it's a F2P MMO you just get to play much earlier.

You don't pay any more on final release. It'll be $20 for Early Access and that's it.

thejigisup1639d ago

It's got a huge contender. The destiny alpha is something crazy.

Seafort1639d ago

No it hasn't.

H1Z1 is for PC only atm and Destiny isn't even coming to PC.

Destiny seems to be pretty generic from what I've seen so far. There's nothing redeeming about it. It's just a FPS MMO.

itisallaboutps1639d ago

Destiny should be comming to pc. I know they will especially since the menus are desing around that

sGIBMBR1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Say again? Have you played Destiny? Or are you another PC only guy downplaying something on console because you know you won't have access to this great game?

I've been playing the Alpha since Thursday night and it's more polished than any Beta I've played. The fact you're calling this game generic just shows your elitism.

My only complaints about this game so far, and they aren't really complaints considering this game still has tons of development time left, is the netcode on the PVP. I'm suffering from a few 'got killed after enemy is no longer visible' or 'an enemy dropping dead after I've stopped shooting moments'

Anyway, from my experiences so far, this game is going to be great. I am looking forward to the Beta access soon :)

Seafort1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I don't like a game shows my elitism? That makes no sense at all :)

I have a PS3 as well but I just don't rate Destiny as high as others maybe because I've been playing similar types of games for years.

MMOs are nothing new on PC but they are on consoles so I can understand the excitement from console gamers.

It's just not for me. It's like a cross between Mass Effect and Halo.

sGIBMBR1638d ago

MMO's are new to console gamers, but I have also spent my fair share on MMO's over the years. Over 750 hours on the original GuildWars, got to level 50 on WoW before it was 'cool' and played the hell out of FFXIV:ARR, but recently stopped as I got a few games all at once and just haven't returned to it since.

It's not that you don't like the game that's showing you're a bias PC user, or at least in my opinion, it's that you're saying this is a generic game when there's actually nothing else out there like it.

Also stating that this isn't a challenge for 'Redefining early access alpha quality' again when you haven't played it is showing you're bias against this game, and it's probably because it isn't available on PC.

Destiny is more polished and less buggy than any beta I've ever played and even less buggy than quite a lot of games that at retail. If you got the chance to play this game I'm sure you'd change your mind. I was pleasantly surprised when I got my hands on this game at just how good it was.

Putting all arguments aside, is there any game you can think of that is like Destiny? In my recent memory I can't remember anything. I can see what you mean when you say 'it looks like a cross between ME and HALO' but looks are exactly where it ends. This game plays like neither of those 2 games.

thejigisup1637d ago

I dont really care as to why you decided to make this a platform thing; I'll bite though. The destiny alpha is quite amazing , two pvp maps that didnt get boring in the tweny hours or so i logged. The explorable areas were huge for an alph, hardly any bugs(mostly netcode) . This was the most fun and least frustrating alpha ive ever participated in. This alpha, be it on ps4, xb1, pc, wiiu, gba, doesnt matter. The game is solid, fun, easily accessible ,and with tons of content. Im not talking numbers here im talking quality . bungle delivered a home run as far as alphas go, hell even some betas and full games Aren't as polished and with less content

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rayzorn1639d ago

man cant wait for this game. got dayz a few weeks back im liking it but it just seems lacking in some areas. where i think this will excell in those areas. at least thats how it looks in what im reading.

i play dayz with 2 other people and it can be a pain finding eachother. most of the time we are on the phone trying to get to the same town. sometimes it can take an hour or more.

hate how almost everyperson you run into tries to kill you also. think i have found 2 people that where helpfull out of about 25.

im thinking the way that h1z1 does building forts that more people might try to work together.

would be nice if only half or less of the people playing wanted to kill me lmao.

hoping they have some kind of clan support or guild. where if you are in one you can spawn in the area of your clan. instead of walking an hour before you find them.

thats my biggest complaint with dayz seems like it forces you to play solo.