Off-TV Play Coming to 1001 Spikes on Wii U

Tough-as-nails platformer 1001 Spikes has earned its share of die-hard (and often) fans. However, a seemingly consistent criticism of the Wii U version among players, and also mentioned in Nintendo Life's review, is the lack of off-TV play.

But publisher Nicalis has been listening, and have tweeted that a free update in the near future will bring the challenge of 1001 Spikes to the GamePad.

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admiralvic1680d ago

Anyone else think it's a little sad that people had to ask for this to be implemented? I mean, it was one of the main goals Nintendo was trying to achieve with the Wii U and certainly the most practical use of the alternate screen.

pwnsause_returns1680d ago

yea...that should be a requirement with every wii u game.

admiralvic1680d ago

It really should be. I know I play on the touchscreen more than I play with the TV screen.

Deadpoolio1680d ago

You mean like Mario Kart which does not support of screen play at all...At the very least EVERY Nintendo 1st party game should have it, they I can't control 3rd parties though

admiralvic1680d ago

@ Deadpoolio

Mario Kart supports off screen play, you just have to tap the small box that shows the screen to make it full screen.

You're probably thinking Tropical Freeze, which supports both (tv and off-screen), but only displays on one (if you're on TV, then the pad is black and vice versa or something close to these lines anyway).

iamnsuperman1680d ago

It was the same issue the original remote play went through. Not many implemented it since it required extra effort. Sony responded with the PS4 Vita. I think Nintendo should have seen the issue's Sony went through

admiralvic1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

To be fair, original remote play required a PS3 and PSP, where as the gamepad is included with the Wii U and the default controller. It makes infinitely more sense to include features that use the gamepad (something every Wii U owner has) than implement remote play (something that was only accessible by the small percent that owned a PS3 and PSP and had interest in using said feature).

iamnsuperman1680d ago


You are right but the idea of off screen play is still not completely necessary. Hene Nintendo should have done what Sony did this time around. Make it compulsory without being totally intrusive