Nintendo: Virtual Reality “Isn’t Quite There Yet”

Reggie Fils-Aime said that virtual reality technology isn't ready right now, but when it is, Nintendo will be there too.

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randomass1712215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

I haven't tried VR myself and most certainly would like to, so I can't clarify whether or not Reggie has any validity here. I reckon Nintendo has experimented with the idea of VR (not counting Virtual Boy) so they'll probably jump in whenever they are most comfortable if ever. In the mean time, I'll be enjoying the Morpheus demos I keep seeing. Ohhhh dem glorious demos. <3

ShinMaster2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

I wonder why they didn't think the tech wasn't ready back then. The Virtual Boy clearly wasn't quite there yet.

I think we're definitely getting there. I don't think it was a very honest answer by Reggie. Nintendo might be the most stubborn company of the big 3.

randomass1712214d ago

Funny thing is while it's not nearly as immersive, the Wii U gamepad does actually do some of the same functionality as VR. 1 to 1 tracking, seeing a different perspective on an alternate screen, etc. More than likely Nintendo feels that the Wii U is "good enough" for the kind of experiencing VR offers. And honestly, since Sony is pioneering this for the console scene, it's better for Nintendo to just focus on games for Wii U for the time being anyway. That's just my take on it at least.

fr0sty2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

"Isn't quite there yet." - The company that released the Virtua Boy has no room to talk there... and judging by the reactions of the hundreds who have tried morpheus and those who have purchased the Oculus devkits, I think they stand alone with that opinion.

They just know Wii U isn't powerful enough to do VR... 3D at 60fps at HD resolutions isn't easy for any console to do.

johndoe112112214d ago

How the hell you got disagrees for that statement I'll never know. Everyone who tried the oculus and morpheus said that the experience was amazing, both devs and reviewers alike. Now here comes nintendo, the people who made the virtual boy, trying to downplay the advancement in technology and you have people willing to ignore everything else everyone who tried it in the past year said and blindly take Nintendo's word for it.

fr0sty2214d ago

It's because I dared suggest that Wii U can't do something and some people just can't handle the thought of it.

colonel1792214d ago

I really liked the idea of the 3rd person game with you being the camera.. It would be interesting to try, hopefully fun too.

GamingSinceThe80s2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Well seeing they were 10 years behind on the whole HD thing I expect the same from them with VR.VR could fail big time not to say it will but I think they are wise to wait and see.These kind of things don't have the best track records "think 3d".In the end it seem all we rely want is great games and we know Nintendo can make those.Let these other company's spent billion's of dollar's finding out if VR is worth

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iamnsuperman2215d ago

I wouldn't wait too long Nintendo. It is a lot harder to get into a market where there are lots of companies that have publicly tested their product. Reacting to the market is often not the best place to be

iamnsuperman2214d ago

Move in particular not so much the kinect. The kinect did have a brief spell of popularity but that tech was always going to be held back by an expensive peripheral and in a small part the motion control fad kind of passing by the time it came out

The Move is a prime example of reaching the market too late and is a prime example of why the Kinect 2 didn't seem as popular. Despite being better and accurate tech (different to the Wii controller in a lot of ways) it looked to similar to the Wii controller. Consumers saw it and didn't warm to it since they have done that kind of thing years before

XiSasukeUchiha2214d ago

Nintendo's VR will be innovative, not a just copy!

iamnsuperman2214d ago

There isn't much you can do or be innovative with VR beyond the realms of high specs and suitable games (which is what Sony, in particular the later part, has talked about in great length).

Metallox2215d ago

Seems smart from Nintendo, they must be still traumatized by Virtual Boy xD

M-M2214d ago

I really want to try a device like Morpheus or the Oculus Rift. Just thinking about playing No Man's Sky with them, man...

Godmars2902214d ago

Caught between saying they're pretty much two console gen in their thinking, while the games they make aren't really suited for VR.

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