Plug 'n play: tablets work well with PS3

You can plug all sorts of USB devices into your PS3. For example, you can plug in a keyboard and mouse into the system, making your PS3 a rather capable internet browsing device. Binaryfiend from YouTube discovered that you can also plug in a USB tablet, and the PS3 will accept the connection no questions asked. Watch as he quickly surfs through the XMB faster than a standard controller, and see how comfortably he can use the PS3 with just a stylus.

PS3's ability to interface with a variety of non-proprietary devices is really amazing. Add this to the growing list of gadgets we can connect to our systems: keyboards, mice, printers.

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Hapimeses4654d ago

Sweet! I'll be giving that a go!

Tomdc4653d ago

meh seems a bit pointless using one to me, no real benefit. When he put the camera out of focus to go on ps store it buggered my eyes lol

NO_PUDding4653d ago

It's pronoucned wah-com, not way-com.

What's wrogn with this dude, anyway, let's give it a try. I just need to get a DS emulator on the PS3 and I'll be set. :P

HadeShade4654d ago

7 Samurai, the anime he played.

Xakep4654d ago (Edited 4653d ago )

o_O I'm going to plug my Wacom into my PS3 to see what happens.


Holy sh*t it DOES work, when you hover the stylus over you can navigate the XMB perfectly, and tapping starts whatever is selected. The first pen button is the PSHome button and the second one is Triangle, my eraser has the same effect as the nub though.

I went into the web browser and the cursor nav was spot on. If Little Big Planet used this in its editing tools then scheisse, that'd be so awesome.

SCThor4653d ago

Imagine how easier and quicker would be design a huge level and share it with others. Lot of potential...considering buying one, or maybe Sony could bundle one with LBP!!! :-O

Xakep4653d ago

Hah hopefully not an Intuos considering mine was like $350 when I bought it. It would be a stroke of genius though, Mario Paint came with the mouse back in the day.

Aclay4653d ago

This is why I just love the PS3 because it has so many other uses than just gaming. It's Gaming and the ultimate Multimedia powerhouse all in one.

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