The Turn-Based JRPG – The Fate of Destruction is Also the Joy of Rebirth

Ben Gring Writes: "We here at KaboomShark love us some JRPG. Hell, at this very moment Ryan is probably in the dark corners of his home playing Kingdom Hearts for the millionth time with burrito stains on his shirt. So I thought I would take a moment out today to talk about a reticular genre of JRPG's and there change in this industry in recent years, the Turn-Based JRPG. Now you can throw a rock and hit an article about how turned-based JRPG's are a dying breed but I would like to take a moment to talk about how I think there alive now more then ever, just a little different (you can probably find similar articles like mine as well but screw you I'm writing it anyway!)."

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