E3 2014: The Arkham Knight Sounded like Troy Baker

GamerTell's Jenni Lada saw a lot of the Arkham Knight in the E3 2014 Batman Arkham Knight footage, and thought he sounded very much like Troy Baker.

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Randostar1585d ago

This wouldn't be a surprise.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1584d ago

None of his characters actually sound like him. It's kinda freaky to be honesty. I mean with guys like Steven Blum, you can easily spot their voices. Joel and Delsin sound nothing a like.

Heisenburger1584d ago

Delsin sounds exactly like Troy. But yeah, he has a fantastic range as an actor.

GarrusVakarian1583d ago

Hey dude, just letting you know that you have me blocked via PM. Not sure what little scuffle we had in the past, but i was planning on sending you some Destiny shots :p