Hands-on Impressions of Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept From E3 2014 | Entertainment Buddha

Entertainment Buddha's very own Matt Heywood writes "I got to play a few matches of Intercept with the developers, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun this new game mode really is. At the onset of a match you spawn in a base that serves as the team’s HQ where you can offload points you earned from killing enemies that are trying to capture the three areas on a map represented by the letters A, B, and C. There’s also a weapons cache that you can use to cash in points to unlock new weapons like a jetpack, or a Gatling gun."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1588d ago

Much more fun than I thought. Nothing groundbreaking, but solid team based co-op for the KZ franchise.

febzilla1588d ago

I still haven't played any of the games in this franchise. I'm slacking.

TenBensons1588d ago

I really enjoyed KZ Shadow Fall and this looks like a cool addition. Its a shame its getting overshadowed by lots of other 'E3 hype' titles.

Rhezin1587d ago

I'll be getting it. Although it's going to be hard to switch back to Killzone controls and feel after playing this Destiny alpha (which is incredibly fun)