Microsoft’s Xbox One wins E3 2014 with renewed focus on games

E3 has come and gone and gaming companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft and EA held big press conferences, showing off their upcoming video games. But what company reigned supreme? The answer might surprise you.

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pat_11_51585d ago

I think a lot of people were surprised by how well Microsoft and Nintendo did this year.

TheLyonKing1585d ago

microsoft did great, much better than expected.

E3 is a personal view point but in my opinion sony just beat out and no more.

Microsoft was game after game after and I was insanly impressed but when the dust settled all the games weren't wow factored.

Sony was dull and waaaay too long but I ended up saying wow more at things like Grim Fandango, bloodbourne, no mans sky and the ability to transfer your 360 gtav saves to the ps4 version amoung other.

MysticStrummer1585d ago

I agree, except the GTA5 thing will go both ways. PS3 to XB1 will work also.

MS also didn't do as well as I expected, though it was better than last year. I thought they'd really bring the heat but they didn't.

fr0sty1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I agree, when you judge the conferences by content instead of entertainment value, Sony definitely had more surprises and (IMO) a better showing of games. In addition to showing fewer games I was interested in, MS showed way too many CG trailers. I think Sony showed one that I can remember.

However, if you want to judge them by entertainment value, MS definitely did better than Sony. Sony made their conference too long to squeeze 30 minutes of crap we didn't care to hear about into the middle. However, I think Nintendo's was the best due to the fast pace of great game reveals. 45 minutes packed to the gills with good games. Short and sweet, even if it showed that Nintendo is still stuck in the past and refuses to grow out of that shell... and that they take waaaaaay too damn long to produce games that aren't much more technically impressive than last gen games.

Lucreto1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

It was not too long but that SCEA CEO in the middle was boring to listen too. He is not good at public speaking and was annoying. I forgot what he was pitching due to it. Andrew House was way better but I miss Tretton. The first hour was amazing the next 30 was a pain but the last 30 was amazing again.

Microsoft were good as well they showed games but for me they failed to change the narrative.

darthv721585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

MS was good, Sony was good but Nintendo was better. The pros to Nintendo was it was all about their platform in respect to the games shown. None of them were multi.

That could also be a con as it shows the lack of 3rd party support means nintendo just has more to prove on their own. There are 3rd party games for wii-u and 3ds...they just werent shown during their digital event.

MS and sony had a fair balance between 3rd party multi, exclusive and indie. As to the GTAV 360 save game thing...I believe that is coming to the xb1 version as well. The game is multi and that sort of perk is not exclusive because it relates to the online game save data that differs from the local save game data. So basically, if you have an online profile on the Rockstar servers, you can import that save (from 360/PS3) to the PS4 and very likely the XB1 and even PC versions of the game.

MS was about the games.
Sony was about games, service and sales
Nintendo was...nintendo but they did it with some style i had not seen in a long time.

i know Im not the only one to notice but Sony's show was more like MS of a few years ago than the shows sony usually puts on. Its like MS and sony switched roles this gen and Nintendo is still...Nintendo.

Pogmathoin1585d ago

This was probably the first E3 in years when there was nothing between the 3... They all brought games and not much else to the plate. Trying to pick a winner is down to perspective or simply which fanboy camp you are in. Simply put, gamers won. Apart from Fallout 4, everyone seemed to get what they wished for...

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Timesplitter141585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Microsoft did the best conference they could do, I think. There were no boring segments, only game announcement. There were no big surprises either, though.

Sony's conference had more boring TV crap, but also more awesome announcements like No Man's Sky, Uncharted, Bloodborne, etc...

Nintendo was short and great, and in my opinion it was the best conference of the 3.

Still, none of those convinced me to buy a console his year. Most of the really exciting games were on PC. The only console games I'm interested in are MKX, MGS and Bloodborne, and those are still ways off

ghostface91585d ago

No mans sky was showed last year and is a timed exclusive

JoGam1585d ago

Going by N4G, one day Sony is the winner. Next day its Microsoft, then Nintendo. Make up ur mind people.

Timesplitter141585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

That's because all three did a great job, really.

But I don't wanna say things like "the GAMERS won e3" because it's such a boring, safe, predictable, generic statement to make and we hear it all the time.

I welcome any divisive, clear-cut opinion even if I don't agree with them.

Gamerbynight1585d ago

According to jack trenton ms got an a grade

Septic1585d ago

Yeah Timesplitter is right. They all did just as great as each other. It was a decent E3 by all parties involved but short of the mega hype generated for it as always.

AngelicIceDiamond1585d ago

MS did very well. So many games so little time.

Magicite1585d ago

I was surprised how they blew away their only chance.

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tastas211585d ago

Microsoft sucks. Wow.... just wow u can't be serious.

TRD4L1fe1585d ago

seriously, dont take it so personal. there are a bunch of "sony wins e3" articles......although i believe Nintendo won

PSWiiKing1585d ago

A bunch of pander bears that's what they are.

demonddel1585d ago

Ok they won you don't have to keep saying that we as you know who the greatest loyal fans ever is not use to this (1080p 60fps)

DarkZane1585d ago

Microsoft showed their full hand.

Sony showed just as much, but most of their cards are still kept hidden for Gamescom and TGS.

waverebel4171585d ago

Don't forget about Microsoft's quantum break. They took it out of their e3 lineup so they'd be able to show a lot at gamescom

truefan11585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

That's fantastic you think that because you couldn't be more wrong. MSFT had arguably the best conference without Quantum Break, those 3 other Japanese exclusives, Halo 5, or Gears. They also have unannounced 1st party studios, and several new ips in development. Also remeber that art we saw from Twisted Pixel, for their new game. MSFT studios still has a lot they haven't shown.

I hope I opened your eyes a bit.

Mikefizzled1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Microsoft are going to TGS again and I don't think intend to go empty handed either. Phil did confirm they had been taking things out due to the E3 presser being way to philled up
I apologise deeply for the pun.

demonddel1585d ago

Yeah right whatever helps you sleep good at night

Yetter1585d ago

MS is releasing the XB1 in Japan and China (among other places) in Sept. You don't think they have a kickass show planned for TGS (which is also in Sept)?

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SITH1585d ago

Microsoft impressed me. I went into E3 only caring about two games and not expecting Microsoft to do anything impressive. Yet they surprised me this year.

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