E3 2014: Xbox Press Conference Final Verdict, Full WrapUp, Impressions Podcast

Jon of RGN writes, "Phil Spencer took the stage for the start of the Xbox E3 Press Conference this year and gave us the type of talk that gamers haven’t heard since Kevin Butler’s epic gaming rant nearly half a decade ago. Phil took the reigns as the new head of Xbox speaking on how video games have become the fastest growing entertainment industry and topping out the charts well surpassing film, music, comic books, and all other forms of entertainment not only sometimes – but regularly. He spoke about how Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation were all allies in this industry and at this event. His words may have sounded like hyperbole and hype to some, but the remaining events of all three Press Conferences would prove these words truer than ever as it seemed all major and minor companies were displaying a very mature and collaborative attitude focusing all of their energies on creativity and fan service rather than boasting, bragging, and marketing at us."

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darthv722212d ago

They held good on their word that it would be about games, games and more games.

Although, you kind of get this feeling they wanted to talk about something else but decided not to. Maybe because of the beating they took before, they didnt want to be in a position of being critiqued again for going off topic.

And yet they get critiqued for talking ONLY about games...go figure. Its the 'damned if you do, damned if you dont' mindset.

Overall, they did much better than last time out.

urwifeminder2212d ago

If a new Battlestations was announced I would have been over the moon but as it was there is plenty to enjoy.