Far Cry 4 Dev: "The Game We Show Is The Game We Ship" (Speaking of Visual Performance)

Ubisoft developer sheds some light on what has next-gen done for them, game development wise.

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Riderz13372213d ago

Well we don't want another Far Cry 3 incident...

Alexious2213d ago

Honestly, Far Cry 3 looked amazing (on PC).

Festano2213d ago

I agree ,i also prefer it on pc.

GearSkiN2213d ago

Yea but the E3 built for FC3 was better, the first time they show it.

starchild2213d ago

Yep, I was playing it on PC just the other day and it still looks amazing even after playing lots of newer games. Downgrade or not, it's definitely one of the best looking games of last generation.

2213d ago
zeee2212d ago

Naughty dog shops the game with even better visuals that they show. Offtopic but had to give credit!

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micx2213d ago

I believe all that fuss was made because they could have gone only with PC version during their first reveal. Still, that doesn't justify all the bullshots after that.
Another interesting case is Watch Dogs where I believe they just didn't know the final specs of next-gen consoles during its reveal in 2012.

This should be different, considering that they are already showing it on PS4.

Alexious2213d ago

Indeed. Ubisoft still makes some of the most beautiful games in the industry, by the way.

thehobbyist2213d ago

Well this is Ubisoft we're talking about. Funny how this seems to have become a repeated pattern...

DoomeDx2213d ago

Shots fired against themselfs? They are the developers that always seem to downgrade their games.

bicfitness2213d ago

So expect to see the PC version mapped to console controllers at every show then. Fool me once, Ubi...

gamerfan09092213d ago

Two different dev teams make Watch dogs and Far Cry. And how is the division an example when it doesn't ship for another year?

Yodagamer2213d ago

Yeah, but the far cry development team did almost the same thing with far cry 3.

Ghost_Nappa2213d ago

Did anyone mention the division? No, they did not.

Errefus2213d ago

Well as long as it gets better from what they showed at E3 im okay with it!

sungin2213d ago

The Game We Show Is The Game We watchdogs or the division.

Vegetarianshark2213d ago

Lol thats pretty funny and scary at the same time. I really hope they don't F up the Division, really looking forward to that game.

Conzul2213d ago

Oh God not the Division! Hope that doesn't get hit.....waaay more hyped for THAT than any other upcoming shooter.

Alexious2213d ago

Last time I checked, The Division didn't ship yet.

Muzikguy2213d ago

Everyone on the planet knows The Division didn't ship yet, but when a company (Ubisoft) is known for a few downgrades people start to ask questions and get skeptical early.

"The game we show is the game we ship" To me that sounds like something that wouldn't have been said had Watch Dogs not happened. Of course they didn't know specs in 2012 of these new machines BUT we have a remake of GTA5 coming out and that's going to look much better (IMO) than Watch Dogs. It's all a bunch of excuses

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The story is too old to be commented.