10 Most Overestimated Video Games of All Time

iHowtoDo: Video games are all about fair merit but which for some range between merely dull and incredible but imperfect. Well, here are the 10 most overestimated video games of all time.

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Physco3091d ago

Grand Theft Auto 5 R u Serious?

Magicite3091d ago

what do u expect from the site named

choujij3091d ago

This article is absolute garbage.

MCTJim3091d ago

Overestimated? I am not sure what the article means. I looked, clicked and it just described each game.

Nerdmaster3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

I don't usually say "what a terrible site", but it's the second time today that I've seen an article from this site with a "WTF?" quality. The other one was this:
Note that, as my comment on this other article says, they just copied everything from another site and erased most of the text.

And now they release this list from text taken straight from Wikipedia and don't even give reasons to why they think these games are overrated.

admiralvic3091d ago

Logically it would be games that were hyped / expected to be amazing and did not live up to said expectations. Perfect example of this would be Aliens: CM, as the final product was nowhere near what was shown in the demo and ultimately made people question what in the world happened.

Anyway, after looking at the article I don't get what in the world it is trying to say. I don't recall Assassin's Creed being overhyped or having such an absurd score that it deserves to be called one of most overrated games of all time. The same can be said for a few other games and it really just makes no sense on any real level.

Vandamme213091d ago

I agree GTA5 was overrated...The shooting was boring...the characters were kind of boring...and the story wasn't interesting to me...that's just my opinion.

MCTJim3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

In terms of what you just mentioned, I think HomeFront should have been on that list. It was definitely overestimated...meaning it stunk

Ghost_Nappa3091d ago

No aim assist for free aim and the cursor moves when you aim. The shooting isn't just bad, its broken on a technical level.

voodoochild3463091d ago

There shouldn't be aim assist in free aim. You're just a bad player that needs practice.

TheSaint3091d ago

The point of free aim is no aim assist, that would be auto-aim or aim assisted....

Demoa3091d ago

so true. GTA 4 was much much better

mezati993091d ago

gta v was probably the best open world game i have ever played

SuperBlur3091d ago

seriously the only thing i'd knock off gta v is the premise of heist online ..

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The story is too old to be commented.