Pokemon: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: Image Spoiler Explosion

Want to get a sneak peek at Ruby and Sapphire in 3D a little early? We're not spoiling it here, but you can see it all after the click.

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Milesprowers2213d ago

Original looks better cos Polygons suck on low-res displays

Dasteru2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

The original character outfits all looked much better.

The new Archie and Maxie outfits are very feminine looking.

Archies outfit they should have kept the style and just changed the color to dark blue to match the headcap. Maybe remove the sleeves on the top and make it a vest.

Maxie they should have kept mostly the same. Just remove the tube neck and raise the ankle sag a bit.

Ripsta7th2213d ago

They should have made Archie look more like a captain and Maxie more of a scientist. Well that's the way I saw them as

Ripsta7th2213d ago

Just traded my vita last week for a 3ds XL specifically for this game. Kept all my accessories and games though as I will be getting a vita again sooner or later because of my massive Ps plus collection

tigertron2213d ago

I hope we can customise our own characters instead of only having Brendan/May.