Frugal Gaming Review | Watch Dogs Xbox One

Aiden Pierce- the lead character is undoubtedly the most one dimensional aspect of the game. Whilst it could be argued that by leaving him devoid of real personality - Writes PridedLlama

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Sparkyuk1640d ago

First openworld game I've played bar skyrim, and thought it would be dull without dragons...i was so wrong! SPIDERTANK more than makes up for it!!

UglyGeezer1640d ago

The biggest thing that puts me off is mentioned in the review, the dull lead character.

I will give it a pop when it reaches £15

Sparkyuk1640d ago

Tight git - take a risk and get it when it hits £20 instead - there is a SPIDERTANK!!

UglyGeezer1640d ago

lol A dull man with a spidertank is still a dull man

PridedLlama1640d ago

A week on from reviewing it & I'm still loving it. Was disappointed not to hear more about upcoming DLC @E3 but I'm guessing the standalone T-Bone missions cant be far away