Legend of Zelda Ported to Atari 7800

Carl Williams writes, "The Legend of Zelda, a franchise that solidified Nintendo as THE gaming platform in gamers minds in the late 80′s is now coming to the Atari 7800. For those that do not remember, or are too young to have lived it, the Atari 7800 was the only competition to the Nintendo NES that Atari could muster and it was too little too late in the eyes of gamers at the time (didn’t help that the Atari 7800 was delayed for several years before it was released). Now, thanks to indie developer Steve Engelhardt, The Legend of Zelda will be making the leap across platforms. This is not the first time a Zelda game has come out on non-Nintendo hardware, though this is not a licensed port either."

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Rockefellow1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

It's fairly impressive work, considering the hardware, but it's clear that he didn't actually copy the original Zelda, just its looks and movement. It's lacking several colors, the entire map consists of the brown rock pattern (with curious dead-ends, repeating locations several times while walking through screens, and no variation), clipping through rocks, and one lone enemy that doesn't even get attacked.

Clearly a very early work in progress. If he's trying to copy the original Zelda screen-for-screen, good luck to him. If he's making an original adventure with the same graphics, as it appears, then I'm a bit more interested.