Spencer: 'You've got to sell the console before you can sell Kinect'

''The Kinect, once a required part of the Xbox One, is no longer seen as the system seller it once was, at least not by Phil Spencer, recently appointed head of Xbox.

That's a far cry from how the Kinect and Xbox One were introduced to the world last May.

"The all-new Kinect is now an essential and integrated part of the platform," according to the press release put out at the time. "By having it as a consistent part of every Xbox One, game and entertainment creators can build experiences that assume the availability of voice, gesture and natural sensing, leading to unrivaled ease of use, premium experiences and interactivity for you."

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iamnsuperman1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

So we are going to see a 360 style life cycle. Core to start with then move onto Kinect in the later stages :P

I joke, removing the kinect is a good move because it makes the system more competitive and I do think it will mean more kinects sold but not a lot more in the grand schemes of things. The problem the kinect will have is the same problem the PS Move had. Beside the games availability issues, the consumer will look at the product and think I have done that already due to a similar aesthetic/control style (no matter how much more advance it is)

Software_Lover1589d ago

I just like games. I like Kinect games. I like non Kinect games.

Ultraplayerxp1589d ago

Really? And how many focus groups did that take, Phil?

Onenyte1589d ago

I Respect this guy more and more .

Vegetarianshark1589d ago

PR is all there is, nothing more. You really think M$ first priority is gamers over $$$? Its the same with $ony and other gaming companies. Bad PR=Loss of $$$, you shouldn't really trust big corporations too much.

ghostface91589d ago

Ohh no way I thought companies survived on how much we like them not by profit margins. Grow up a little all companies want our money because otherwise they go out of business

ShowGun9011589d ago

I like him, but really, this is the stuff that GAMERS have been saying since M$ started the huge kinect 1 push... this was their baby, they tried it as an add-on and it didn't attach the way they expected, they tried it as a mandatory add-on, and it sunk the XBone like another brick tied to it... We (gamers) have never been excited for it, and never really expressed any interest in it. did M$ forget who initially bought 360s? HARDCORE GAMERS! but sure, lets see if we can get them to buy casual crap that we know they have no interest in...

if ANYBODY had been in charge of M$ when the kinectBoxOne was pitched who had any actual KNOWLEDGE of their fan base, they never would have included it in the box, boosting their price to $500... it was a stupid move, which they could have avoided if they had done ANY small amount of research into their fan base. but they were blinded by the sales of the wii, hoping they could tap into that, not realising that most of the people who bought a wii were done with the gimmick, and weren't going to buy a $500 peice of hardware to flail their arms around again.

he's simply saying what WE'VE been saying for years now. im glad they found someone who will FINALLY listen, but why did it take this long?

christian hour1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I'll never forget when I used to work for a call centre for XBL, the training was hilarious and very americanised, they had 4 different types of xbox owner, the "core gamer" was the one given the least amount of focus in the training. I quit the day I was late 10 minutes and as a punishment was forced to sing "Lips" in front of everyone on a big screen, they chose Take On Me by AHA. For a socially awkward introvert this was an absolute nightmare, I tried explainign this to my supervisor but they just laughed it off and said it's that or I they fire me for being late (I had a 3 hr commute, gonna fire me over 10 mins?! really?!)

In the end I went to HR about it and they were even less understanding, so I quit on the spot and never looked back.

I left a cushy job in a local pharmacy for this thinking, this is gonna be awesome, I have an xbox, I love gaming, and the place was like a dream come true, rooms with bean bags and xboxs eveyrwhere, a library with every xbox game we could check out and bring home. I knew it was too good to be true in the end, management sucked.

Now thats nothing on Microsofts part, this was a global call centre company that microsoft were outsourcing to, but my main point is the training videos and tests etc did not seem to cater to gamers at all, it was more for girls who buy it for skype and netflix, or parents who bought it for their kids for kinect etc. Joe Core Gamer was the least of their worries it would seem. (this was 2011 btw)

On a side note, my brother works for microsoft now, has been for the last two years, not the xbox division mind you, he jsut handles big money transfers etc for their software divisions. And they're super nice and lovely to work for. Call centres by default, are just hellish places :P

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