Mystery developer working on BioShock PS3

An as-yet unnamed third-party developer is working alongside factions of 2K on the much-anticipated PS3 conversion of BioShock, reveals Sony.

Alyssa Finley, executive producer at 2K Marin said:

"Because this is the first PS3 title from 2K Marin, 2K Australia and 2K Boston, we've also got another development partner with some outstanding PS3-specific coding chops helping out with the project."

Which developer that is, however, will be revealed in the future, she added.

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Kain814648d ago

or Sony montreal the guys who developed GOD OF WAR

Lifendz4648d ago

I think they have a loyal customer for life in me. I'm getting this game anyway but if it's them then I'll be even more excited for it.

Lord_Ash4648d ago

I also have a feeling that it’s either Insomniac or Naughty Dog, and by the way it’s Sony Santa Monica that made God of War not Sony Montreal (I’m not sure if there is such a studio), just to spread the knowledge.

Coheno4648d ago

It's either Insomniac or Nauhty Dog, could also possibly be God of War guys Santa Monica studios...

Daver4648d ago

I'm leaving around there but i dont think there is a sony montreal

iHEARTboobs4648d ago

I wonder why they're so secretive about who's helping them.

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The Wood4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

... they have no name, no faces and speak in an alien dialect. Sociable? nah, Skillful as h3ll, indeed

Bolts4648d ago

Asians coding for the PS3? No way...

RiseOfMonster4648d ago

Dare I say, multi player? o_O

The Wood4648d ago

it will downplayed for 'not needing it' and marked down accordingly.

ustayclassyn4g4648d ago

either naughty dog or insomniac. if they're looking to add mp it's probably insomniac after resistance. insomniac did just open a new studio so this could be one of their first projects

shysun4648d ago

iT'S NAUGHTY DOG, best port to PS3 yet! ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.