Miyamoto calls this the "Year of Star Fox"

Miyamoto says "this is gonna be the Year of Star Fox"

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Metallox1682d ago

The Year of Luigi never ends, sorry Fox.

Moonman1682d ago

Good one, but this is exciting he said this! :)

richierich1682d ago

Luigi died this year aged 72

randomass1711682d ago

Hey, show a little respect. His name was Danny Wells, not Luigi.

Baka-akaB1682d ago

the year of Luigi truly started with MK8 and the awesome Stare meme

3-4-51682d ago

* Lets Investigate:

* When it was " Year of Yoshi", How many games was Yoshi featured in ?

* Let's then use that to get a rough estimate as to how many Star Fox related games we may see in 2014/2015.

Not saying it will be = or exact, but it should be a good start.

admiralvic1682d ago

Wasn't the "Year of Yoshi" just an assumption people made for this year (following the Year of Luigi), which is now "year of Star Fox?"

If you're talking about the Year of Luigi, then he actually got a lot. In that "year" we got Dark Moon, a special edition 3DS XL, New Super Luigi U, Luigi Bros (in 3D World), Dr. Luigi, Super Luigi Bros (NES Remix 2), Luigi selection CD (CN Japan), New Super Luigi U pin (randomly awarded to people that bought digitally), Year of Luigi coin, Luigi hats (Best Buy events and other such places), Luigi Nendoroid (still no Mario one), Luigi poster (platinum reward prize) and more.

Obviously Star Fox will not get the same amount of stuff, but they certainly did a lot for the "year of Luigi."

TekoIie1682d ago


Yeh the year of yoshi was an assumption. Especially considering that Yoshi's Woolly Yarn got pushed back to 2015.

I have to say that "The Year of StarFox" Sounds exciting! I dont think it'll be on the scale of the year of Luigi. Either way I look forward to seeing whats in store :)

Also doesnt he mean 2015?

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R00bot1682d ago

Super exciting! Wonder if Fox will end the year with a game featuring death stares as well?

mcstorm1682d ago

I just thought as you said that fox has never been in Mario Kart. Come on Nintendo put the starfox team in Mario Kart.

Benjaminkno1682d ago

I would've been more excited for Metroid, but I'll take it.

I didn't care for SF:Adventures, so don't make it like that.

MrSwankSinatra1682d ago

Either they make it like Star Fox (SNES) or Star Fox 64. If it's anything like Star Fox Adventures, Assault or Command then I'm not purchasing it. I will give credit to Adventures because the game was good, but it just wasn't star fox. Command & Assault on the other hand were just horrible. Those games are the prime example of what excessive outsourcing can do to a franchise.

Venox20081682d ago

I would love Platinum Games make game like Star Fox Adventures :)

MNGamer-N1682d ago

Probably both, they seem to be doing that more often it seems.

Summons751682d ago

They already announced a Star Fox U, maybe a 3ds title that interacts with it. That'd be cool.

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