Dana White Sucks At Playing EA Sports UFC

Dana White may be the President of UFC, but he’s not really good at playing EA Sports UFC

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Rockefellow1590d ago

Why is this kind of crap in the "News" section?

crxss1590d ago

Too much brain damage for basic gaming motor skills lol

Fringe_Agent131590d ago

I thought the headline was funny at least....

Iceball20001590d ago

And he also said he would never have EA make his game after he went to them at first and EA said UFC isn't a real sport. Then when it sold really good with THQ, EA came back, guess money speaks more then words. But if I was him I still would have not giving it to EA.

XxExacutionerxX1590d ago

Yeah, but it's the people who are making fight night....but I would think 2kgames would make a good UFC game.

SuperBlur1585d ago

He didn't have a choice tho since EA straight up bought the licence from THQ .. which mean he is in legal obligation to allow it to happen

once the right is up sale , it'll be another story

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The story is too old to be commented.