Mario Kart 8 Happy Meals coming soon

McDonald's is releasing Mario Kart 8 inspired toys in their Happy Meals.

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Moonman2216d ago

Nintendo is not playing with promotion! I might even get me a Happy

Saelyn2215d ago

Gosh that brings back memories!

Metallox2216d ago

McDonald's... don't like it. But I'll invite one of my little cousins someday so I can get the toys, because I always find very curious the Mario stuff in fast food restaurants.

Ripsta7th2215d ago

Don't want to be embarrassed buying a happy meal I see :p lol jk
Usually if you ask to buy only the toys they will sell them to you, incase anyone isn't a fan of McDonalds

Chrischi19882215d ago

Dont want to embarras by buying a happy meal, but taking away the toys of the small ones?


Auron2215d ago

you could always buy the toy for like 1.50 each at mcdonald's. I dislike their food but they do have that option.

Metallox2215d ago

That's cool, in Mexican McDonald's you can't do that lol

SaintAlpha1012215d ago

The previous Mario happy meal toys are surprisingly high quality, better than half of the £10 figurines you find on eBay.

Hoping these are good, Mario Kart figurines always got the short end of the stick.

Locknuts2215d ago

OMG this game's gonna explode.

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