The Rebirth Of The Legend Of Zelda

The original Legend of Zelda gave players the freedom to wander the land of Hyrule to their hearts desire with the hopes of discovering something amazing along their journey.

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Moonman2223d ago

Can't wait to play this is an understatement! :)

3-4-52223d ago

GameExplains breakdown of the video reveals like 20 other places to go to that you can't even see until you zoom way in.

The amount of detail in this game goes beyond Mind Boggling and enters into the realm of Mind Bottling.

Errefus2223d ago

Those Mountains, i can walk to them...

Moonman2223d ago

*runs through Hyrule Field in dramatic slow motion while Whitney Houston's Run To You plays* LOL

Metallox2223d ago

If you walk far enough.