Endless Backlog: E3 2014- Top 5 Indie games of E3

Endlessbacklog's Gagan posts the 5 indie games he is most excited for after E3.

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Lawboy21588d ago

Man no mans sky, ori and cup head may have to make me rethink my ideas of indie games....I really want to try ori for some reason it has just grabbed like no other game this generation....and ofcourse no mans sky just looks amazing these two games don't feel like indies

jg4xchamp1588d ago

What's your current status on indie games?

Lawboy21588d ago

I usually don't touch them...they just haven't appealed to me...I was what is called a dudebro last gen only playing COD, halo and gears last gen and maybe a sports game racing game or tony hawk here or there...this gen decided to take on a new leaf but I haven't tried any indie type game besides stealth inc on the ps vita...which was great I might add....but ori is really calling out to me...I think I really need to try this game out

DVAcme1588d ago

@Lawboy2 Wow, dude, you actually offer a really interesting perspective: a mainstream gamer who wants to expand his horizons into indie gaming. That's actually a good attitude, I commend you.

We should give him suggestions on awesome indie games he should try:
-GUACAMELEE: Wait a little before you get it, cause the special edition is coming soon and it adds BUTT-LOADS of new content, but definitely check Guacamelee out, it's a Metroidvania game with loads of humor and awesome Dia De Los Muertos-inspired aesthetic.
-BIONIC COMMANDO REARMED: The remake of the original NES Bionic Commando, and one of the best videogame remakes of all time.
-THE PIXELJUNK GAMES: I especially enjoy EDEN and SHOOTER. SHHOTER's available for free on PS4 right now.
-JOURNEY: Considered one of the PS3's masterpiece games for good reason.
-THOMAS WAS ALONE: A cute and heartwarming platformer with some awesome narration. It's amazing how the characters are literally sticks and squares, yet have more personality than most videogame protagonists.
-FLOWER: Flower is an experience. Few games have such a wonderful balance of visuals and music to create a very peaceful experience.
-SUPER STARDUST/RESOGUN: Both are classic-styled shooters by the same developer(SD is based on Asteroids, RG on Defender), which have loads of particles, super colorful and explosive graphics and badass soundtracks.
-ROGUE LEGACY: It's not out on consoles yet(at least Sony consoles), but this game's already on PC and SUPER funny and fun. It's like a 2D Dark Souls in that you will die A LOT but get a little bit stronger each time.
-SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD: Super fun throwback to old-school brawlers like River City Ransom and Double Dragon.
-HOTLINE MIAMI: Probably the sickest, most twisted game you'll ever play. The primitive graphics are deceptive: this is one of the goriest, most violent games ever made. Plus, the storyline is full of twists and fuckery.
-SHATTER: Basically, Arkanoid on Ecstasy. AMAZING soundtrack and fast and furious gameplay.

those are the ones that come to mind, but all of the ones I mentioned are incredibly well-polished and entertaining games. I assure you at least a few of them will be right up your alley :)

Systemshock21588d ago

NMS, abzu, Everybody'sgonetoRapture, Below, Axiomverge,
cuphead, Inside, much goodness all 2015