In 2014, is the PS Vita nothing more than a PS4′s second screen?

The Playstation Vita was released in Japan in 2011, almost 3 years ago. In the course of 3 years, although we’ve seen a few nice games, the device has failed to gather a large audience. The market of mobile gaming surely has evolved since Sony’s previous portable console, the PSP, was created, but there are other reasons that are slowly killing the “psp 2″. In 2014, is it still worth owning a Vita?

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Mikey322301640d ago

The Vita is an amazing handheld Console / Playstation device.

It has the ability to be a Display the PS4 On screen.

... Your Phone can be a PS4 second screen, are you going to then say that your phone is nothing more than a ps4 second screen.

Playstation TV will be able to display your ps4 on screen, is the playsation TV nothing more than a PS4 second screen?

Your TV obviously shows the PS4 on its screen, does that mean its just a PS4 screen?

All these devices have much much more functionality. and PS4 remote play is not their main feature or function.

NewMonday1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

it's a top seller in Japan now, and big wave of JRPG's is coming ..

Freedom Wars
Sword Art Online
Tales of Hearts R

the "no games" is just a stupid outdated meme

sonypsnow1640d ago

I prefer Sony Xperia Z2 for mobile gaming.

UltraNova1640d ago

Anyone else sick and tired of these non-stop doom and gloom 'articles' on Vita?

This handheld has absolutely everything from killer games to immense connectivity and even more is coming...

I mean what the hell do people really want a monopoly if Sony caves and kill it?

Seriously will anyone benefit from this?

yewles11640d ago

"Playstation TV will be able to display your ps4 on screen, is the playsation TV nothing more than a PS4 second screen?"

Oh the sweet, SWEET irony of this one...

Mrtemper1640d ago

PS TV doesn't have a screen....

rsnotz1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

@Mikey32230 Not really sure what your point is. But if I understood correctly you're trying to say the Vita is much more than a second screen. We vita owners know this. We know its an awesome device. What the article clearly is getting at is Sony is not marketing the Vita as an awesome standalone handheld but rather as a companion to the PS4. This is the gist of the article if you read it.

Clown_Syndr0me1640d ago

Well yeah obviously...but it seems Sony aren't thinking this way. No games at E3, terrible marketing etc.
I never see its games promoted, hence why I haven't bothered to buy one. Sony has done nothing to persuade me to.

dcj05241640d ago

They hardly ever show VITA games at E3. Most big VITA games are at gamescom and TGS.

wastedcells1640d ago

Vita had a ton of games on the show floor at e3. This article is bull shit.

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jujubee881640d ago

That's what they make it seem on E3, then on the other days it's all about Japanese and indies (then the timeline shows it's had CoD, Killzone, AssCreed, and BL to appeal to "mainstream").

The platform is buzzing and I've had one since day one and hardly put it down even in my busiest/craziest days just because its accessible and let's me play games and do cool stuff on it.

Baka-akaB1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

But then again what to do ? I remember the chatrooms whenever indies or the vitas appeared at past e3 ... it's was all "get it over with we want ps3/ps4 games" .

THe press conveniently act as if plenty titles arent announced already .

WHen they announce ports from key franchises people requested , they are saying "meh we hoped more than ports of big franchises" , when new title are announced , they are barely covered or ignored .

At some point when the whole of mediadom has decided something and a label , it's hard to make it change . There was after all even a year with the "ps3 has no games" still going on , with exclusive and key multi games released back to back .

ColeMacGrath1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Maybe if Sony kept listening to the PS vita fans, it wouldn't have been in this disaster. Customer feedback is what matters the most Sony.

MonsterChef1640d ago

I just don't think that would have cut it either, your down playing how influential the rise of the smartphone is and how it will have a hand in the demise of the Mobil rig space, you might not game on your phone hell I don't either but the vast majority of people seem to have no problem picking to game on their phone over a vita and ds and that it's draining developer focus from those devices into the phone realm

cervantes991640d ago

It's whatever you want to make it.

colonel1791640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I actually bought the Vita only for Remote Play ( I am sorry). The only game that interested me was Gravity Rush, and then Persona 4 Golden. There hasn't been any game that I want to play on the Vita, and I really don't care for indies. I don't want to discredit them, but I didn't buy a handheld capable of near PS3 graphics, to play SNES games.

If it wasn't for the PS4, I wouldn't have bought the Vita, so at the very least, the sales could improve if there are more people that think like me. Also, it doesn't help that Sony just does't announce AAA games for it. They are so obsessed about indies is unreal, and if there happens to be a AAA game on the Vita, it's most likely a PS3 port.

Sony just can't/haven't given an identity to the console. It is very sad, because when it was announced, and the reception it had when Sony announced its price, was awesome. I could have sworn that the device would obliterate the 3DS and it would have gotten tons of support from developers (that are not indies)

Viper71640d ago

For me many of the current indie games are far better than a lot of the AAA-games on the market.

They actually offer some actual FUN gameplay instead of "movie like experiences" filled with cutscenes and quick-time events and endless amounts of dialogue.

Comparing them to SNES games is ignorant at best. Sure many of them embrace retro-graphics, but these are usually accompanied by the amount of content, fun gameplay and modern features such as Online multiplayer, leaderboards, user generated content and whatnot.

(Not saying all SNES games are bad though but not all of them have aged that well)

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