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GR: Sure, everything is ending. Just not yet.

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knifefight1683d ago

A game that is so heavily focused on multiplayer is sadly something I could not see myself enjoying to its full potential.

Not because I don't want to play it, but because my schedule right now is nuts. Just not enough time. Portables have to carry me through this next year or two.

Ripsta7th1683d ago

I have a feeling more games will be doing this this gen, look at Destiny and Titanfall. I agree though I want my single player games. Also hate the fact that were getting many f2p games :/

KTF261683d ago

"Also hate the fact that were getting many f2p games"
you mean p2w

Afropsaros1683d ago

I think that in an interview they said that you can finish the game alone if you need to be social or have a schedule.

Timcurrey1683d ago

There is still plenty of single player only games coming. Look at the witcher or the order? They both look amazing

spence524901683d ago

Raged. There is no shortage of good single player games. I prefer multiplayer but single player games have the best stories.