MONG Podcast Episode 37 - What Was The Worst Game at E3?

There were a lot of amazing games shown at E3 this year, but we would like to know, what was the worst game shown? Was it Conker in Project Spark? Was it an indie game? Did something not live up to what you thought it would be? We each gave our worst games during the podcast!

This week we discussed whether or not E3 was better this year than last year, what we liked most about each conference, what were our top 3 games shown, which unknown game announced were we most excited about, what was the worst game shown, and what was the MONG Game of Show!

So how about you answer some of those questions in the comments below!

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urwifeminder1586d ago

Scalebound or project spark for me and Ori no intention of buying these.

lmcontaldi1585d ago

Are you telling me that the Conker announcement didn't make your day??

urwifeminder1585d ago

Did not take notice what announcement?

Clown_Syndr0me1586d ago

The dance games. I actually enjoy them but I don't see the point of showing them at e3. They generally target a casual audience, who most likely don't even know what e3 is let alone watch it.

lmcontaldi1585d ago

Those would have taken the cake for me if EA Sports UFC wasn't in the picture!

lmcontaldi1585d ago

Thanks! We put a ton of work into these, love any and all feedback!