Editorial: Will Sony Continue To Steal Xbox/Wii Fans?

Recently released numbers indicate that Sony has stolen away a fair number of Microsoft and Nintendo aficionados...but how long can they keep it up?

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Qrphe1585d ago

Better question would be, will it continue outselling the competition? Because that's what that title is just worded provokingly

NewMonday1585d ago

it's not just about converting gamers from other consoles, the big thing is becoming the first console for a new generation of players

gaming is a revolving door, people grow out of it and a new young generation comes in, the key will be bieng the top option for new gamers

those will mostly choose the console with the best graphics/most games/bigger community/ deeper variety, points the PS4 is dominating.

rubyserg1585d ago

Just because people buy them it doesn't mean people USE them. Most of my buddies PS4's including mine, are collecting dust as there are no good games out. So far Sony hasn't really given me a reason to fully support it and be biased like most of you people on this site. If anything, I wish I held off on buying it since I haven't touched it in months. This gens console release has been slow and really boring. And the PS4 community isnt that great. Nobody talks so its boring. And everything you basically mentioned was biased of you. "Better games, Deeper variety, etc." We need more people unbiased. Now dont get me wrong, I still love my PS4, I love some of its exclusives like GoW and InFamous to name a few. But this year, release wise, I feel like the Xbox One has better releases. I'm definitely buying it November for the Halo Collection. *Note I am unbiased as I love both consoles and games on them*

XiNarutoUzumaki1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )


You are the one being biased toward Xbox. all you said is subjective and your opinion. for example:

''Just because people buy them it doesn't mean people USE them. Most of my buddies PS4's including mine, are collecting dust''

Don't blame PS4 if you are not using yours. I've been using mine since launch playing 3rd party games and exclusives. I know many people are using and loving theirs. I've been playing watch Dogs for 3 weeks non-stop. What about you? Buy games; there are plenty of games for PS4 already!

''Just because people buy them it doesn't mean people USE them.''

again, I've been using mine since launch. What makes you think we aren't using ours, or many people that have bought the system aren't using it? Oh wait, you represent the entire PS community right? Gimme a break, stop bitching about no games because there are plenty of games. not just 1st party games but 3rd parties as well. What makes you think many people are using their xbox one?

''So far Sony hasn't really given me a reason to fully support it and be biased like most of you people on this site.''

Another subjective shiiet. Driveclub, LBP 3, and the last of us are my reason why I'm happy with PS4 this year. Also, Destiny, Far cry 4, and many 3rd party games. All those games are reason enough to people to buy a PS4. If you are not interested, fine! Nonetheless, you have a PS4. Buy all those games and shut up. Also, don't call us biased because all we do is enjoy our console and praised it for what it is now instead of bitching for what we want it to be. This fall and 2015 will be a great time for PS4.

''This gens console release has been slow and really boring.''

It's been 7 months since the next gen started. What did you expect?

''And the PS4 community isnt that great. Nobody talks so its boring. And everything you basically mentioned was biased of you. ''

Excuse me? Are you basing your desicion on people on the internet? Georgenoob, truefan, and all those Xbox trolls? What about them? Oh wait, ''Forza Horizon 2 is gonna destroy Driveclub'' What about this? aren't xbox fanboys biased as well? Shut up. There are fanboys everywhere.

I'm done with you man.

N4g_null1585d ago

I would be happy to buy a ps4. I don't have a use for it yet. It hasn't gotten any games I want to play.

As of right now sony is a movie game maker and Nintendo is a traditional genres game maker. Lots of stuff makes a game better than a movie but sony is going about it the wrong way it seems.

Every year we loose adult gamers to the pc realm. I think ps4 just took from that crowd. It has no halo, mariokart, smash bro, x, starfox. I only get a ps when God of war comes out any thing else just feels like blah. I really wish sony made more arcade skill based beautiful imaginary art based games. I'm tired of just realism. Build new world's we can't go see! I can actually fly to a these places and have been there.

Reeze1585d ago

Um... The "next generation" of gamers is typically comprised of children. I'm fairly confident children will not be interested in a majority of PS4's games, no matter how many it has. They'll be more interested in mobile/3DS gaming.

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georgeenoob1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Not with Halo MC Collection they won't. Not to mention Gears of War, Crackdown, and Phantom Dust. Xbox One is games, games, games.

Halo on 360 outsold every single Playstation 3 franchise by a landslide. By your logic PS gamers don't care about any of their franchises.

NewMonday1585d ago

out of 75 million 360 owners only 10 million at most are Halo buyers, that leaves 65 million who don't care about Halo.

MRMagoo1231585d ago

"Halo on 360 outsold every single Playstation 3 franchise by a landslide" really ? because I am pretty sure GT sold more.

Also what the hell has the 360 game sales have to do with the PS4 stealing all the gamers ? PS4 is dominating and will continue to do so through the whole gen, you dont need a crystal ball to see that. Its the better gaming brand by a "land slide"

majiebeast1585d ago

"Not with Halo MC Collection they won't. Not to mention Gears of War, Crackdown, and Phantom Dust. Xbox One is games, games, games."

What!? a remaster of old games + games slated for 2016 will prevent the PS4 from widening the gap even more? Thats funny.

The gap is going to keep growing, even if Microsoft manages to do 50/50 in the US, which i doubt very much. Because Europe is pretty much Playstation nation at this point Germany wants nothing to do with the XB1. By 2016 the gap will be 15 million units.

0P-Tigrex1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Umm... Gran Turismo outsells Halo... Polyphony Digital is Sony's Top selling first party studio..Every GT primary installment has sold over 10 million with the exception of GT6

Ocsta1585d ago

"Xbox one is games, games, games." Whereas PS4 is what? Baking a brownie to perfection? The best way to do your taxes? A great way to cool off on a hot summer day? Oh and it seems George and his ilk have a brand NEW saviour to worship: The Master Chief collection! My God man, what's next?

ger23961585d ago

Then by your logic, the Xbox will catch and maybe surpass the ps4 once halo mc collection drops right? If halo doesn't help catch the ps4, nothing will.

MysticStrummer1585d ago

"Halo on 360 outsold every single Playstation 3 franchise by a landslide."

No it didn't.

greenlantern28141585d ago

You keep bring up Phantom Dust, a game which sold terrible when it was first released on Xbox. And Halo MC collection, but I thought you hated remakes you only want new AAA games. Halo5 won't be out till November of 2015, Crackdown 2016, so that leaves a lot of time for PS 4 to keep building its lead. XB1 better start worrying about if it can catch WiiU

JoGam1585d ago

Georgeenoob, can I get ur autograph?

avengers19781585d ago

@noob just a suggestion check a few stores best sellers lists before you spout your nonsense, sure Halo MC collection will sell well to you hardcore fans that all already have XB1s but it won't help them beat Sony that is still dominating the XB1 even after the kinectless sku. PS4 is a head on almost every stores best sellers list and the destiny white PS4 bundle is doing great. in the USA XB1 might catch up(I doubt it) but world wide will always be PS4.
XB1 should be concerned with trying to catch the Wii U cause I see more interest for that after E3 than for XB1

Zero-One1584d ago

It still don't compare to Nintendo's franchise numbers. Besides they may have Halo but what else?

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No_Limit1585d ago

Looks like NewMonday is getting his money's worth and will be using all 9 of his bubbles to good use in this one. LOL

Flutterby1585d ago

Why do you keep talking about new Mondays bubbles ? Why do they concern you at all ? Are you jealous perhaps ? Seems odd to me.

randomass1711584d ago

@Flutterby I've never personally made any comments on his bubble count, but now that you mention it, it is odd to see someone who just primarily trolls articles with so many bubbles.

WiiUsauce1585d ago

Not if they keep having boring ass e3 presentations like this year. Nothing Sony showed made me want their over hyped no games console. On the other hand Microsoft showed off a good handful of compeling exclusives along with third party games I can't play on Wii U. I'm going X1/WiiU. I dont like PlayStation or thier annoying fans.

Nine_Thousaaandd1585d ago

And the same can be said about Xbox. Nothing Microsoft show'd off that makes people want their overhyped, DX12, Cloud, Kinect, no games console. On the other hand, Sony show'd off more compelling exclusives along with 3rd party games I can't play on Wii U. I'm going PS4/Wii U. And people don't like Xbox and their annoying fans.

See what I did's cool you feel this way about PlayStation. But gamers have spoken with their wallets...reason Sony is blowing the competition out of the water!

Fact 1. Sony has way more games out this year already than Microsoft.
Fact 2. Sony will have even more games out by the end of 2014 and beyond.

All I hear is exclusives shouting from the heavens on Xbox. Quality over quanity, Sony wins! Variety, Sony wins! Which company had to adapt to stay in the game? Microsoft did...not Sony. Now Live is similar to PS+. Price point $399.99 now. [email protected] Indie games will flood your console now to match the games on PlayStation.

Sony has gained Wii and Xbox fans because of variety and innovation from devs on PlayStation. Nothing wrong with killer co-op and first person shooters on Xbox, some people get tired of it and want more variety. Wii games, Mario over and over again, lack of 3rd party support. Sum it all up, and PlayStation will be the best place to play games!

N4g_null1585d ago

I think I will stick to wiiu and pc. The ps fans seem to be getting desperate. Leads can change. Heck the ps3 could have beat the wiiu if sony had made better motion games. They didn't. The same could have been said for a halo killer. That hasn't happened. It's like Nintendo and ms just started focusing on this gen. It's starting to show also.

The campaign sony fans ran was we got games games games and new franchises and no tv focused. From sonys presentation I feel they are miss using their good faith from gamers by showing the tv crap. Nothing new coming. Almost no new ip like action adventure unrealistic games.

I think i will wait for them to start getting new creative talent instead of shedding it. Yeah I know they got a ton of studios. They have had those studios for years and still haven't made games I wanted. I'm glad people are happy with their Playstation though. As a person that buys a lot of high end tech... you have to remember to wait on a reason to use it. It's like beta max all over again. I'm sure sony will fix it though.

Magicite1585d ago

stealing sounds harsh, I would call it winning over.

Bathyj1585d ago

It's not "stealing" fans. I would like to think we're all just gamers, not fans of a company, and people are buying PlayStation because frankly,I don't know how you could be a gamer and not want a PlayStation.

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XiSasukeUchiha1585d ago

The PS4 headed in terms of games, and prephirals with it, the answer is yes!

Vegetarianshark1585d ago

I wouldn't be too confident about this. Sony is doing great and is ahead of its competitors but its not impossible that they'll do something that will upset the gaming community. If Sony can maintain this kind of standard for the whole generation then I'd also say yes.

wonderfulmonkeyman1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Nah. Not Nintendo fans, at least, since the Wii U is finally starting to pick up steam.
It's likely going to be a combo of PS4 or PC + Wii U for most multiplatform gamers this gen.
PS4 will still continue to sell well, though, unless something extremely unforeseen happens.

iamnsuperman1585d ago

I wouldn't say it is picking up steam but you are right on those fans most likely having a Wii U with one of the other console makers (because of multiplatform games)

wonderfulmonkeyman1585d ago

You haven't seen the numbers for Mario Kart 8 bundles, have you?
The games that are coming out soon are also likely to provide boosts.
If this isn't picking up steam, then nothing is.

iamnsuperman1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )


Nor have you since Nintendo has only said Mario Kart 8 has had a "significant impact" on Wii U sale rate and that 18% of Wii U owners bought the title which is not an indication of Wii U sales picking "up steam".

If we compare the figures to what Nintendo said Mario Kart 8 did in the first weekend, just over one million of 1.2 million already had a Wii U (this is a rough estimate but the true figure isn't going to be far off)

Of course Mario Kart was going to boost sales but, and some people will not like hearing this, the Wii U wasn't exactly selling normal numbers before Mario Kart 8 came out. It is a blip and a usual blip for a console that isn't selling very well. That doesn't mean sales have finally picked up

Sources: http://www.computerandvideo...

Qrphe1585d ago

Unless you believe 100million Nintendo fans bought the Wii. Fanboys can't possibly make up for most of console's sales.

wonderfulmonkeyman1585d ago

Same goes for PS3's 82M not immediately jumping onto the PS4, so what's your point?

NewMonday1585d ago

his point is the PS4 is not just about the base fans, it is also made to be the best option for natural players who want the best option, sales prove that.

MRMagoo1231585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )


I think you missed the point as much as MS missed their target market.

N4g_null1585d ago

The only thing ps4 numbers prove is people bought on faith and now systems are collecting dust. E3 was ok for sony but I think a lot of people are disappointed yet Hopeful.

The 3rd party is on xbone also and pc steam box. I really don't care for console 3rd party anymore though. I'm more of a sony and Nintendo exclusive guy. Halo is good but pc is better.

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Dolf0451585d ago

Younger players tend to graduate from Nintendo systems consistently anyway, always have and always will. Tastes change so there is always a portion of Nintendos market that will jump the gap to a different system while new players come in to replace them. Not surprising that there would be a few converts out there

randomass1711584d ago

Ain't that the truth. Though I feel like I'm one of the few blokes who spends his time playing Nintendo games in spite of my new degree from the University of Sony on account of nostalgia and just basic fun factor.

corvusmd1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

No...well...not really. I think the idea/question is flawed. It assumes that all the players that got a PS4 this gen that didn't get a PS3 last gen A) got a console at all B) Will ONLY get a PS4 this whole gen and never pick up the others as well, and C) It doesn't focus at all on gamers that went the other way (which most likely is smaller). Most casual gamers went PS4 instead of Xbox/Wii U this gen instead of last gen due to price point. Casual gamers don't care about hardware, or even exclusives as much as true gamers.

The article pretty much nails it, we are also less than a year into this gen, and while in the beginning we thought the power gap was going to be HUGE, we are seeing on a daily basis that the end result is never that dramatic. Like with every gen, sales will even out at some point. I wouldn't be surprised if as early as this Christmas sales start to even out a bit. Who knows, it'll be a long gen, we are just at the beginning.

Anyone that feels like Nintendo or MS are going down without a fight is in for a rude awakening.

torchic1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I'd say Sony's 1st-party is already showing the power gap. not much hype over the visuals of any X1 game atm while inFamous: Second Son, Bloodborne, UC4 and Driveclub are blowing minds all over E3.

differences in 3rd-party games will only widen as time goes.

MasterCornholio1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

The best looking console games that I've seen are,

1. Uncharted 4
2. The Order
3. Bloodbane
4. Drive club
5. Infamous Second Son
6. Killzone Shadowfall
7.Batman Arkham Knight (ran on a PC but I bet the console version still looks amazing)
8. The Witcher 3 (Demoed on a PC but same case as before)
9. Far cry 4
10. No Mans Sky

Most of them are PS4 exclusives. I didn't count games like Crackdown, Halo 5 or Scalebound because they were CGI trailers. I counted bloodborne because I saw leaked footage from the E3 demo.

This is just my opinion and I will not take any responsibility for hurting anyone's feeling with it.

torchic1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )


can't believe I forgot The Order!

good list but I'd also put AC: Unity and Ryse somewhere there

poor_cus_of_games1585d ago

Every time I see your name I hit disagree corvusmd. Even without reading what you have written. Same goes to george, axios and truefan.

Benjaminkno1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Looks more like "hey, a new Playstation!!" fans, with the amount of games PS4 has. Seriously, there's no reason to own one right now because there's no "must play" game. I'm sorry, but PS4 is just all hype and no bite.

I would be very unhappy if I didn't also own a WiiU, but that's just me. Maybe I'm still a bit salty I can't play Megaman 9, or Bionic Commando, or Castle Crashers or...

WeAreLegion1585d ago

For you. For me, inFamous: Second Son is a must have.

Benjaminkno1584d ago

It was nothing new in my eyes.

GodGinrai1585d ago

"Megaman 9, or Bionic Commando, or Castle Crashers or..." excellent games! got all those on my 360.