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Pixels for Breakfast writes:
After years of teases, trade show demos and trailers, PlayStation 4 owners can finally get some time with Destiny. The next big project from Bungie, the creators of the Halo series, it sets out to marry the world of MMOs with tight, classic shooter elements. Here’s my first 30 minutes with the recently released Alpha.

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joab7771590d ago

I have a huge, serious problem with Destiny after sinking many hours into Destiny, its solo missions, open world dynamic encounters and co op strike team missions...a huge problem!!

Why do I hav to wait a month for the beta and 3 months for the game. Yeah Bungie..u think u r doing us a favor by letting us play the beta. No..u r torturing us! I honestly think I will skip the beta and do everything I can to forget about this game until late August.

Otherwise, its everything I wanted it to be...and I literally cannot wait.

Rhezin1589d ago

right?! I haven't had the same feeling since the Halo 3 beta. Day freakin 1. Soooo much fun.