The 17 Best Games You Should Know From E3

Tens of games were announced over the week-long conference. While we have seen a lot of these before, E3 put a lot of new footage on display.
Here are the best games you should know about for the holiday season and beyond.

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Rimeskeem1586d ago

Where is LBP 3 and No Mand Sky?

DigitalRaptor1586d ago

Dayum what a mainstream list.

What about Sunset Overdrive, LBP3, No Man's Sky, BLOODBORNE!!?

greenlantern28141585d ago

Whicher 3, no man's sky,LBP 3, and Sunset Overdrive. Should have been on that list. Not Battlefront, or Mass Effect since we have no idea when those games are coming out, not this year or next my guess 2016 at the earliest

avengers19781585d ago

Especially since all they have shown was some real earl sages of development I'd say both are late 2016