PlayStation Now Hands-On Impressions [GXC]

GamerXChange: "I admit, I have been a skeptic of this service since its announcement in 2013. Considering the limitations of the internet infrastructure, especially in North America, how well could this service really work? No doubt, many of you have wondered the same thing. However, I have to say, after getting some hands-on time with the service at E3 2014 and in the beta at home, my mind has been changed."

Plus a beta code giveaway for PS4 owners.

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ftwrthtx1591d ago

Unless you have permission from Sony, you just violated the NDA

SoundGamer1591d ago

NDA is for private beta which no details were given about. The experience at E3 is open for the press to talk about.

MasterCornholio1590d ago

Good to hear that the lag doesn't ruin the game but this was done on a show floor so the results would be very different if you were to use PSNow from home.

jujubee881590d ago

I don't really care about lag. Not for the types of games I want to play anyway (mid latency response for RPG's and the like are fine).

Ripsta7th1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Jujubee is right , this is great for RPGs or games which doesn't require fast steady movements. I played dead island riptide and I had a half asec lag which ruined the experience for me. I have 20mbps btw, Sony recommends 5

NexGen1590d ago

Sony requires 5, recommends 12+. I did not have this lag during dead island.

zeuanimals1590d ago


Yeah, I'd imagine it's not great even if you have high down/up speeds but Sony's likely to improve it. Betas are here for a reason.

Prime1571590d ago

I'll forfeit my Psnow beta to say that the service is awesome. I use a wireless connection (right now, as I have no choice where I'm living), and it works much better than I imagined.

Nay-Sayers will be frustrated.

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Deathdeliverer1590d ago

I have had 1 pause for about 3 sec. Other than that it runs like there's a disk inside. Or as if it were downloaded. I have a 50mb download. I absolutely love it. If there is a monthly unlimited use option, that will be my choice.

MasterCornholio1590d ago

I only had experience with Onlive and the lag on that service was horrible even with my 100MBs internet connection. Im glad to hear that the servers are really fast with PS Now.

morganfell1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


I am playing at home and have no issues. And no, I am not on a super fiber connection. I used to play a lot of Dead Island when it came out. But I never played Riptide so I fired that up first. I was shocked to watch it play just like I had the disc in my PS3 except I am on the PS4. I had read all the stories from the first hands on where major websites said "" but still, seeing it first hand,

In Riptide, rather than the options button doubling for the Start, you click the touchpad on the DS4. The game is incredibly smooth. So much so that I would defy anyone to stand there and tell they were not on a disc once the game started. The only clue would be the DS4 and knowing it was a last gen game.

Like DeathDeliverer, I am going for whatever the Unlimited option happens to be.

Ripsta7th1590d ago

Can all you guys saying it works fine please post a video? I'd like to see how much different it us from mine. I'm on 20mbps btw and get a half a sec lag so I'd like to compare it with you guys. I can post a video too to show proof. Thanks inadvance

jujubee881590d ago

I like Heavy Rain and JRPG's. Hopefully stuff like that get's on the service bc I plan on playing PS Now stuff on VITA and PSTV.

Dolf0451590d ago

Mainly going to be playing on Vita too. There was a few titles like Beyond Two Souls I never got to on PS3 that I'm very much looking forward to on the small screen! I don't think it's going to completely reverse sales for the Vita by a long shot, but it could give it a significant boost. Match made in heaven...

Kurisu1590d ago

Wonder when PS Now Beta will hit Europe? Bet the UK will get screwed over with rental prices.

Grown Folks Talk1590d ago

My PS4 runs on wireless, average speed of about 12.5 Mbps. Haven't had any issue other than the current selection of titles in the beta. Sniper 2 is about all i'd play.

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