Daily Debate: What Exactly is the Art Style in Zelda U?

There is a lot to talk about right now when it comes to Zelda U, even though we have seen so little. However, the chief debate at this moment rests on the visual style.

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MaxwellBuddha1588d ago

It's GORGEOUS, that's what it is!

incendy351588d ago

Haha, yep! It is indeed

colonel1791588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

You took my words right out of my mouth! I was going to type that, word for word, including the caps LOL

I think it's more of an evolved Wind Waker art style, than Skyward Sword's.

3-4-51588d ago

* It's a bit Impressionist in my opinion. It's absolutely beautiful though regardless of what it is.

* Really though, it's kind of it's own thing, that blends elements of a few different art styles together.

LOL_WUT1588d ago

Looks kinda like WW's art style.

If it wasn't going to look anywhere close to that tech demo then why not show a cartoony Zelda from the get go? A style which btw i'm tired of seeing when it comes to Nintendo's franchises. ;)

AKR1588d ago

Well in all honesty; it's better than the brown-gray color palette we keep seeing in all these "realistic" games.

Zelda is purely fantasy adventure; and Nintendo is like the Disney of the gaming industry - so everything is usually bright and colorful. That's not a bad thing - considering it's freaking gorgeous.

As to why you have to be like an annoying sore thumb about it - is just sad.

ChickeyCantor1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Because it's a Techdemo demonstrating the WiiU. Not the next zelda game.
Seriously how do people not get this?

Also it looks nothing like WW.

marloc_x1588d ago

I can't fathom how this game will look after another year of development.. Kudos to Nintendo for not pulling the trigger until a game is right for them..

marloc_x1588d ago

This game is going to be phenomenal:)

colonel1791588d ago

The tech demo was just to show the capabilities of the Wii U. The chose to showcase it with Zelda, but they could have done it with Metroid or StarFox or whatnot.

It was never meant to be a "preview" of the next Zelda (as you now know).

ABizzel11588d ago


The reason it looks "cartoony" is because, AND THIS IS NOT A BASH TO NINTENDO OR THE WII U, the hardware simply isn't capable of producing a Zelda game that looks like the Witcher 3, nor would most of IP's benefit from a look of realism.

A distinct art-style can be every bit as effective as realism, and this is one of those cases. They could have made an open-world Zelda with realistic graphics, but then it'll look like Skyrim or The Witcher on 360.

They're good looking games, but compare those to the Witcher 3 and they're already dated. This art-style suits Zelda, and while I preferred the original I'm not disappointed.

Tech Demo vs New Zelda

KonsoruMasuta1588d ago

You're might be right, the hardware might not be able to handle something that looks like the Witcher 3 but that doesn't really explain why they went with the art style.

They could have definitely gone with a more realistic look, it may not have looked like the Witcher 3 but they could have done it. Most of the time, art style is a developers choice.

Look at certain games like The Walking Dead or Fable. They could have gone with more realistic visuals but they didn't. IMO, different styles make the game stand out more.

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Metallox1588d ago

-More grass tan ever.
-Beautiful grass.
-Eatable grass.
-Cool robots.
-Doubtful Link's genre.

I don't need more, extremely sold.

MNGamer-N1588d ago

You forgot about grass. =^O I swear I spend like 20 hours just grinding in grass every damn Zelda game.

Qrphe1588d ago

It's cell-shaded with some nice lighting

randomass1711588d ago

Exquisite lighting. Get it right gawd!!!

Metallox1588d ago

Isn't cel-shading a visual technique and not exactly an art style?

randomass1711588d ago

Indeed it is. It's just incorporated into certain art styles. Zelda often uses a pseudo-anime look for character designs.

lameguy1587d ago

And the best part? The clouds cast shadows over the landscape... something that Destiny doesn't even have.

snookiegamer1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I see the haters have swarmed this article...anyhoo!

Zelda looks like Cell Shading mixed with a traditional polygon style. This game shows how capable the Wii U is.

So I wanted a 2nd console to compliment my PS4. It was either Wii U or Xbox One. Based on the strength of their E3 showing, I ordered a Wii U, which arrived yesterday. Spent all day playing Mario Kart 8 & Wonderful 101.

Nintendo are in a league of their own :)

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DiscoKid1588d ago

The environments appear hand-painted with normal maps. The models are, of course, have a toon shader.

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