Jeff's Musings: How Konami Lost E3 2014—and Our Trust

oprainfall writes "In case you missed it—although really, there wasn’t anything to miss—Konami had a website that was counting down to something. It appeared to be a presentation of sorts. Unfortunately, for most of North America, the timer was counting down to 6 AM EDT/3 AM PDT. So in order to cover it, we would either need to wake up earlier than normal—or stay up later for those on the west coast (or us night owls in the east)—or have someone outside the United States and Canada follow the event—which we did.

Just one problem—the event never happened."

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Spotie1591d ago

You seriously lost trust over this? WEAK.

hazelamy1591d ago

they announce an event, then pull a no show?
without telling anybody.

very unprofessional.

even for a company that likes to put out countdowns for countdowns.