Here’s How to Find the Hive Ogre in Destiny

GoodGameBro writes, "For a lucky portion of fans, the Destiny alpha has taken over their Playstation 4. We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on the Destiny alpha, and there’s an absolute ton to do within this small slice of the full game. Even better, there are a ton of surprises & secrets ready to be discovered."

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Madderz1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Will definitely have a look for this later when I finish work.

I've reached the level cap and have explored LOADS.

The only sort of thing i found was a place where all the monsters had ??? next to their name and you are unable to take more than 1 damage with each shot, and they kill you so quick. Managed to run through them all and get back to the refinery.

Anyone else found any cool stuff?

I've only been in 2 public events, one where they dropped off one of those robotic spiders and the other was a mission where 3 drill sites went down one after the other and you have 30 seconds to clear the site which usually had a couple of fallen captains there.

LOVE the alpha though, looking forward to the Beta, hopefully there will be a little more content.

Does anyone know or will it just be the Alpha done again?

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christian hour1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Me and my friend accidentally wandered down there haha, we didnt make it past the first batch of enemies though so never knew there was an ogre furhter in.

The enemies level showed up as "??" and killed us instantly, but upon death it said I was killed by a lvl 20 hive knight. So yeah, havent been back there since haha.

The more I play the alpha the more I cannot wait for the full release. It's like an MMO without the monthly subs.

I'm also really hoping theres more content in the beta, or at least put the cap at 15, I was disappointed when I hit lvl 8, but then my weapons and armor started leveling up which I did not know was a feature and my disappointment faded :D

Gonna start on my second character later this evening I think, went with Hunter for first character, gonna go with Titan for my second.

Fixay1612d ago

hah yeah I found this place whilst trying to find loot lol

I shit myself and ran off.

Single player and co op things like strikes seem so much more fun than PVP after playing it last night.

PVP is basically everyone killing you in vehicles and every level 8 player with tons of armour lol I was level 7 at the time and could barely kill them! Took so many bullets, I felt bad on the players that were level 4

Madderz1612d ago

Ohhhh so the ogre must have been in the place I got to. I just wasn't hanging around to see him haha!

Yeah i was a bit disappointed about the level cap too as i hit it quite fast and i had a load of level 9 armor sat there ready to equip!!

However like you say you can level your skills beyond that.

I currently have a Titan character and i love him!! His punch move (fist of havoc IIRC) is great fun.

I have found though that if you keep playing and find encrypted engrams for gear you can get really high stat stuff with a level 8 character.

I love that if you use green O(or blue for rare but unsure if a level 8 can equip any) you can upgrade you armor etc too.

Another few things i have found is changing your emblem that you can buy in the north tower changes you player card. I've bought the upgraded hover bike thingy and i also have a new ship for when you are in the loading screen (pointless but bragging rights none the less).

This game looks like it is going to be super deep and i love the open world feel and being able to run around with a couple of friends just makes it so much fun!!

Really really pumped for this game. Haven't looked forward to a game this much in i dont know how many years.

Glad you guys are enjoying it too!

Dongs1612d ago

Looks like I'm going to be busy after

Madderz1612d ago

Haha! Dongs you sneaky devil. I'll be on after work :)

Darkfist1612d ago

i want to try the alpha :(

Madderz1612d ago

Did you not sign up for it? Apparently every single person who did gets a code.

Saying that though, i never did. I had to do that friend share thing and download it from his previous downloads.

christian hour1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Yeah I never got my email. It's kinda funny, the Sony press thing started at 2 am over here (ireland) so afterwards I went on to the alpha registration page, typed in my PSN, then decided to be a good pal and type in the only two other people I know IRL with a next gen console so they'd get the alpha too.

They both got emails. I didnt.

Nice guys finish last :(

Luckily I'm console sharing with one of em so I got the Alpha that way :D

JackOfAllBlades1612d ago

Me too man and no code in sight... I even signed up right after the press conference

christian hour1612d ago

If I do get that email eventually (though very unlikely now) I'll PM you the code since I got in anyway using console sharing with a mate.

liquidhalos1611d ago

Mine was in the spam folder for some reason, it might be worth checking

SolidGear31612d ago

I wish the alpha was also on PS3 .. :(

Unknown_Soldier1612d ago

I hope my PS+ waits to expire until AFTER I get to play when I get back from work. I'm really enjoying this Alpha. Can't believe there's so much hidden stuff I still haven't found. I got an email today from Sony saying I didn't meet the "requirements" to receive an alpha code...but guess WHAT Sony! I took a code from off of your Forums, so thanks!

Drithe1612d ago

I have played this game ... and it freaking rocks.

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