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EB's Matt Heywood writes, "At this year’s E3 a playable demo of the game was on display and I got to give it a go to test out the pop and cover gameplay of The Order: 1886. The demo took place during the third chapter of the game and featured a mission that required Galahad and his Order teammates to track down rebels that stole a cache of their advanced weaponry. Considering that the members of the Order have weapons that are light years beyond the technology of the 19th century, securing the stolen cache is crucial to ensure they can keep the edge over the rebels and the mutated humans that are a cross between a werewolf and a zombie."

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NewMonday1683d ago

hands on impressions @E3 wer very positive, I was getting worried but it's turning out great

the game won many awards at the show..

MasterCornholio1683d ago

Oh cool so its this E3s Titanfall. Nice to see it win many awards. I guess it made sense to wait for the first impressions instead of judging everything from a 2 minute trailer.

Will be keeping my eyes on this title.

NewMonday1683d ago

No Mans Sky has also been getting lots of accolades as well, and also Zelda and Bloodborn, good company for the Order to keep.

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Jughead34161683d ago

Great read. Sounds like an article written by a true gamer that appreciates great games. I guess I'm just tired of how technical and negative gamers and journalists get when analyzing a game. Like they're not playing for their enjoyment. Anyway, I cannot wait to play this. One of the many games in an insane 2015

medman1683d ago

I'm on board with what I've seen so fact, when I saw the E3 video with the lycan I thought that was actually a pretty scary moment when he transformed and came after the player...and it was a true scare, not some cheap setup moment. That thing looked terrifying. And when it started talking to the player, it got even scarier. I'm in.

fpshooter21683d ago

This is a day one for me. The order is one of the reasons I got the ps4. The storyline and setting is what pulled me in. The beautiful graphics or a bonus for me.

sovkhan1683d ago

the same here :)

day one buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.