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Nerdacy: "WB Games was at E3 2014 showing off NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat X–yes, “X” as in the Roman numeral 10–which simply put, was stunning. Mortal Kombat X takes place several years after Mortal Kombat 9, which means that many of those iconic characters from the past will not be playable in this installment, but that also means there is room for a new generation of characters."

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As long as sub - zero and scorpion are in it.....SOLD!

KonsoruMasuta1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

And Mileena.

I'll be pissed if there is no Mileena.

Omegasyde1742d ago

I think a majority of the MK characters are eternal or age very slowly.

Since Mileena is a clone of Kitana, and Kitana is I think 1000 years old - I can see her being in the game.


The only downside is that People like Sonya, Johny Cage, Lui Kang, and other earth hero's may be in the retirement "age".

My predicted Roster

Sub zero
Cyrax/Sector (I think there will only be one)
Shang Tsung/Quan Chi

Maybe: Noob saibot, Smoke, Jade, Nightwolf. I am 100% sure nightwolf is going to be zombie.

I think Reiko, Fujin, Shinook, Cyborg Jarek (Mk4), Scarlet, and kira will make it too.

Heavenly King1742d ago

I dont see the graphics to be that next-gen really. GGXrd impressed me more.

XtraTrstrL1742d ago

Gameplay graphics don't look next gen at all. It looks like the PS3-PS4 upgrade of Injustice: Gods Among Us. That also shares the same game engine as far as I know.

robtion1742d ago

I agree. From what I have seen so far the graphics are not much of an improvement over injustice ps4.

Still should be a fun game, I just hope there is a control option to have block on the dpad and not on a button as I have never liked that about MK. Seems dated to me.

Omegasyde1742d ago

Injustice ps4 was abit of a let down. Even the cutscreens were low rez (not 1080p).

Add on that fact that the game did not include all the content promised, as you still had to play that stupid iPhone game to unlock costumes for the console version.

robtion1742d ago

@Omegasyde: I agree. Great game but a very bare bones port. I have it on ps3, ps4, and vita and there is barely any difference between the ps3/ps4 versions, as opposed to the ps4 version of Tomb Raider which is a massive visual upgrade.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1742d ago

The game is going to be Soul Caliber 5'd. It will get rid of characters that people want in order to flood the game with a bunch of new characters that most people likely won't even care about. Throw in the lame environmental mechanics from Injustice and it's obvious that this isn't a Mortal Kombat game. It's just going to be Injustice X with a few MK characters thrown in.

N81742d ago

I'm glad you played it first are there any new fatalities in it?

LOGICWINS1742d ago

I've been playing MK since MK2 and this is the most excited I've been for one pre-release.

All the new characters we've seen so far look very entertaining to use.

BVFTW1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Yeah, the game has the mk2 vibe all over it, more colors, alien (outworld) stages and cool character designs.

BVFTW1742d ago

Go home Donte, you're drunk!

Omegasyde1742d ago

I think we will get some other characters from MK Deadly alliance and Deception as well.

You have to factor in that most of the Mk cast are actually eternal or age slowly (kitana and Sindell are ancient, Subzero is a lineage of ninja, scorpion/noob/ermac are specters. )

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marioJP871742d ago

Next gen doesn't apply to the graphics either.

spunkee3111742d ago

I was very very impressed with the last MK for PS3/360. I'm glad that they are now deciding to evolve and progress the series a bit. The last game was a nostalgia trip for the fans that supported the series over the years. Didn't even introduce a new character. Now the team knows its time to move, and everything I am seeing I am impressed with.