Virtual reality gaming takes the next big step with Control VR

Using a series of sensors strapped to the upper body, Control VR is able to monitor a person's movements without the use of an external camera. So, if you were to program the system to work with a video game, then the actions of an individual's arms and hands can be replicated on screen, allowing for more player control and delivering a bigger sense of reality.

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GamingSinceThe80s1588d ago

Funny someone was just saying this is what VR needed in the article posted a little while ago.I guess you got your

MegaRay1588d ago

Yeah lol
It was on the Nintendo article, wasnt it?

fr0sty1587d ago

Too laggy, but getting there.

level 3601587d ago

Plus massive application for future space missions and very deep underwater submersible research/rescues.

It's also being trialed in medical theaters.

And just think the tech was designed firstly for gaming.