[IndieGameMagazine] Crimsonland Review

[Luke Siuty, IndieGameMagazine] A relatively unknown gem with an over ten-year legacy, Crimsonland seemed to be most popular in Europe over the years of updating the PC title. It’s a top-down shooter with a premise and graphics resembling games popular in the 90s – violent, enjoyable shooters, with visuals leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Now, Crimsonland has been rebirthed on Steam, giving it a second chance for worldwide renown. For many, the questions remain: What is the game about, and how much has changed in this re-release?

The gameplay is fairly straightforward: You’re a marine on some alien land, and a variety of monsters spawn; spiders, humanoid-like aliens, zombies, and lizards. There’s a Quest mode with six acts (all acts have the same missions as the original, with one brand new act), in which you’re placed on a short mission. Starting out almost always with a pistol, the hero is controlled with WASD and aimed with the mouse. Monsters start spawning, and your goal each time is to simply eliminate them all, filling up a progress bar. Along the way, the creatures drop goodies, like weapons and power ups. Clearing stages unlocks more guns and perks, which are special abilities that enhance the marine.

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