PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Demo - IGN Live: E3 2014

iGN take an in-depth look into PlanetSide 2! 1080p 60fps

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Mega241590d ago

I'm so exited for this one, my one only doubt would be no cross platform, would be great cross platform.

Brettman20081590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

No, unfortunately. At the end of the video it is stated they are aiming for a 2014 release. So it could slip to 2015. What a joke, this was supposed to be released in the 'PS4 launch window'.

Abash1590d ago

That's too bad, but since the game is of such quality and free to play, I bet it's going to build up a huge community on PS4 in no time at all.

In fact games like Loadout, Let it Die, and PlanetSide 2 have made me really warm up to F2P on consoles. As long as it's done right, it's an awesome thing to have in a console's game library

monkeyDzoro1590d ago

So, he doent have to be excited for the game since it may not be released in 2014 according to your assumptions ? LooL
You are the JOKE.

younglj011590d ago

Come on PlanetSide2 running at 1080p/60fps and you call that an joke? If they would have released at launch no way we would have this quality. It seems like Sony were telling the truth about developers taking more time to make the game better...

Thinking about the amount of 1st party studios are tweaking their games. If you are not amazed to hear them confirm 1080p/60fps on an console then gamers are becoming an joke...

TheGreatAndPowerful1590d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

1080p/60fps confirmed woo hoo!!! this means that H1Z1 should also run at 1080/60. :D

MysticStrummer1589d ago

"this was supposed to be released in the 'PS4 launch window'."

From your link…

"Sony announced the PS4 version of Planetside 2 at E3 in June, but it has yet to confirm a release date."

That was June of last year of course. Right at announcement, they said they'd love to have it ready for the launch window but they weren't going to rush it. They've never set a release date.

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Play2Win1590d ago

In germany we use to say that you dont look into the mouth of a given horse. Don't expect everything to be be perfect if it's free for you. Is that somehow clear what I'm trying to say.

sdozzo1589d ago

'Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.' Good old U.S. of A.

Brettman20081589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Planetside 2 was listed to be released in the PS4 launch window, between the console's November 15 launch and the end of the year, in stores and digitally.

Jrmy841590d ago

PS4 owners are going to eat this game up, all the " its been released on PC already, its over two years old". Blah! Blah! I already know because I game on consoles and PC. Looking forward to playing it on PS4.

younglj011590d ago

Glad I found any PC player of PS2. If you don't mind me asking what would be the standard rig to run PS2 at 1080p/60fps?

sourav931590d ago

Well, I manage to run PS2 at 1080p/60fps on max settings with a single GTX 770 and a Core i7-2600k. But I have friends who have managed to run it around the same settings and performance with i5-4670k CPUs and single GTX 660ti GPUs...Hope that helps.

jdiggitty1590d ago

I have a 5GHz 9590 CPU and R9 290x and it spins my fans up like no other game. It doubles my CPU, GPU and system temp. BF4 for instance does nothing to my rig.

I am seriously impressed if they got this to play at those levels on PS4

xTHEFIZZx1589d ago

as of right now, for video cards anything equivalent to a GTX 660ti and above can play this game on ultra at 1080p 60fps. However, in large battles, it is the cpu that is going to make the most difference. going with an i5 3330p or above should let you run it just fine

Tundra1589d ago

I have around a GTX660 in performance which is around the PS4s card. I get 60 fps on max settings at 1080p myself. But like others have said, in large fights your cpu will matter the most. The more players, the more taxing on the cpu it is.

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LightDiego1589d ago

PC gamers can't brag out so much about games and getting games first.
Just saying.

younglj011590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Lol the PS4 is running PlanetSide 2 at 1080p/60fps in its first year of launch..hmmmmmm...Official 1080p/60fps with 2000 players....

Sony stop freaking playing and give me MAG 2 in 1080p/60fps....

Edit:Great interview and that footage = sweet...


Man I miss MAG it was awesome.

younglj011589d ago

MAG still had an community in the 1000s when they close the servers. I just hope MAG gets a sequel because it was one of the top 3 shooters of this-gen.

The rambo mindset gamers developed from CoD is what cause so many gaming journalists too cry when they reviewed. During MAG launch I read so many reviews and almost 95-99% of them had to mention CoD franchise.

There are so many people missed out on an gem just because of bias opinions. MAG turned the best CoD player into an crying little noob...

MAG was the only game where it took me weeks to get the courage to help on the front lines. I camp so close at the spawn, I could have became an mobile spawn point lol...

THC CELL1589d ago

Mag was amazing it come out same time of cod, people played mag and got p*ssed with turret bunkers. Me I stuck to it and become a bunker buster. Loved the game and all the ideas it come with. Mag 2 needs to happen

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