3DS / Wii U Versions of Resident Evil: Revelations Are Now Over 50% Off

Jon of RGN writes, "Capcom has lowered the price of Resident Evil: Revelations on the Nintendo eShop for 3DS and Nintendo Wii U to just $19.99 after being reviewed as one of the RealGamerNewz Diamond Games of 2013. This sale seems to be going under the theme of a summer savings, but could be a trigger of further things to come from Capcom in regard to announcing future titles in the series. The Resident Evil 7 announcement that was heavily rumored to be coming at us during E3 2014 never came to be, but that doesn’t mean the game won’t be revealed this Summer."

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donwel2211d ago

Is this just for the US?
I might have splash out for this if it applies to EU as well

Ripsta7th2211d ago

Give me a sale on Pokémon X or Y Nintendo Pls...

KonsoruMasuta2211d ago

Get the 3DS version of you can. It may not look as pretty as the console versions but this game was made for 3DS.

Nerdmaster2211d ago

A great price for a great game. I bought both the 3DS version and the HD version for PC at full price and they are worth it.

Flungsomepoo2210d ago

I downloaded this yesterday. 1st resident evil game I've played sense gamecube.
I must say I'm having a blast playing it. Only put down the gamepad for few mins today lol!

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