GOG Kicks Off Massive Summer Sale, Includes Free Games

Greg Micek writes: "Did you know that the Steam Summer Sale is coming up soon? In about a week you’ll be able to purchase dozens of games that you may or may not ever play for pennies on the dollar.

But wait! Maybe you hate DRM, or refuse to support Valve until they say the words “Half Life 3” in a sentence, like your game stores with a bit more of an old-school flare, or just can’t wait a week for a big sale. Good news!, the beloved store of old shcool, and not so old school, games has kicked off their “2014 DRM-Free Summer Sale.”

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SilentNegotiator1590d ago

Well, GOG will be getting some money out of me.

HighResHero1590d ago

The GOG summer sale has been phenomenal so far.

DemonChicken1590d ago

Already had some money from me!!! xD

Awesome that DRM free and I like some of the extra that they include with the games

edqe1590d ago

Tons of great games. I like GOG a lot but nowadays I buy games only from Steam. Running DRM-free games on totally closed operating system is no win (fortunately many games runs in Linux with DOSBox).

Additionally Valve is pushing open technologies forward (OpenGL, open source, ...). So until GOG starts to support Linux and push technologies like OpenGL forward I will buy games from Valve.

skyrimer1590d ago

Fantastic sale so far. I'm a steam only guy, but the huge amount of PC classics not available on Steam are slowly making it my second platform of choice. Now with bay trail tablets a lot of those classics are playable on the go.