A look at Fatal Frame Wii U’s main character

In Japan, those who purchase a ticket for the upcoming Fatal Frame movie will receive a clear file with shots of the main characters from the movie and from the games. The girl at the center of the image here is Fatal Frame Wii U’s main character.

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mikel10152215d ago

Still waiting for a west announcement :(

Venox20082215d ago

I want this game for the West and Fatal Frame IV HD for Wii U wouldn't hurt either :)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2214d ago

You'd have to fight Reggie for this to happen. ;)

Madock2214d ago

mech Reggie or the fire flower version? -)

TrailerParkBoys2214d ago

Why isn't this game coming out on other consoles? Have been looking forward to a new one for years. Very disappointed in you Tecmo Koei

BattleN2214d ago

Nintendo owns this shit bro!

mikel10152214d ago

Yeah what he said ^^ Well they don't own ALL of it, but they purchased some ownership in this franchise back in 2012. So it makes sense to have Wii U exclusive

KonsoruMasuta2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

It's called business, partial rights and exclusive deals go a long way.

Nintendo was willing to throw money at it.

GamingSinceThe80s2214d ago

You want to play it so bad stop whining and buy a Wii U!This is likely the same as Bayonetta 2 where if Nintendo didn't fund it,it was never going to be made.Nintendo did you a solid and made your dream of a new FF come true.Now instead of complaining it's not on other platform's it's time you return the favor and BUY A WII U!lol

Bhuahahaha2214d ago

just buy a used wii u.i got mine from a friend at around $150 only (i cant forget the look at his face when he visited me at my turf and sees me playing mk 8)lol


dont buy the deluxe. basic model is the way to go

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creatchee2214d ago

The gamepad is perfect for the camera mechanic. I'm seriously considering getting a WiiU - so much cool stuff that's different from the Xbox/PS offerings.