E3 – Yoshi’s Woolly World Hands-On Preview | Twinfinite

Twinfinite writes:

"Aside from that though, as a single-player experience, Yoshi’s Woolly World is still a treat. In its current state, it’s pretty similar to your standard Yoshi’s Island although with some new special mechanics to spruce things up a yarn aesthetic, which is just beautiful. In person, the yarn designs flow very smoothly and crochet a beautiful world just waiting to be unraveled."

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Retroman1685d ago

to my surprise this game is AWESOME!!!!

live2play1685d ago

And nintendo just said this game wont be intended for younger Players that it will push back especially collecting everything

Retroman1685d ago

"nintendo just said this game won't be intended for younger players "

are you refering to yourself ??
this game designed for all young at heart .

live2play1684d ago

no i meant that some are worried it wont provide a challenge. seems to be a big deal to most people. i was just saying that nintendo said this game will not be easy like epic yarn.

i want to add epic yarn was really hard if you tried to get a lot of jewels without getting hit