The Evil Within E3 Hands-on Impressions| Gaming Enthusiast

Greg Bargas from Gaming Enthusiast hits the show floor at E3 with The Evil Within. He writes:

"At one point, I thought I had just unlocked my next pathway by discovering a new room. Instead, a rope noose found its way around my ankle, pulling me towards a pair of spinning bladed grinders. Instead of a quick-time event, in this case, the goal was to shoot the rope and break free. Let’s just say the deaths are equally enjoyable."

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ptownjbo1589d ago

Sounds like a cool premise.

Transporter471589d ago

Yes please I want this game to be good, I love Shinji Mikami games.

LaWiiG1589d ago

I was actually surprised and enjoyed it.

Einhert1589d ago

The father of horror games returns to greatness!

Cannot wait for this and Alien Isolation to fufill my horror needs.

Kurisu1589d ago

I'm not one for horror games but I really want to play this.

Slick811589d ago

This destiny and evolve I'll take a wait and see but I really like the potential of this one love horror games

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