5 Things To Know About PlayStation TV Before It Arrives In US This Fall

Monday at E3 during Sony's press event the company revealed that is PlayStation TV console would finally be making its way to the U.S. market. With PS TV fans have so many different gaming options at their disposal. Check out these X things you need to know about the console before it arrives this fall.

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Transporter471588d ago

2 of my favorite thing about the PS TV is that you can
1. Play your PS4 in a different room without moving or buying a secondary PS4

2. Being able to play vita games with the DS3 soon DS4

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SuperBlur1588d ago

i need a vita and this now ! i may settle for just this but i really want to get back into playing on a handheld :D

jujubee881588d ago

If you like cool hardware, I say buy the VITA esp. the OLED version (though I hear they are tough to get for less then the newer slim model).

Otherwise, this is the same thing but on your TV. Very important of note, you will be faced with buying those propriatery memory cards and not all games play on PSTV, but the ones that do are good (P4G, Killzone, etc). Oh and PSN will be your best friend in terms of looking and buying content for the thing to actually play :P

joeorc1585d ago

Watch these two videos about playstation vita TV

It will give you a good idea what it will be like for playstation TV, only more psvita games being released now.

Psvita in action, how you hook up one how it plays..etc

Demo of remote play on a playstation vita TV in action

Do not let the name fool ya, it is a playstation Vita with now a launch price of $99.00